The Best Martial Arts for Women

Today, more than ever, women are vulnerable to male attackers. The popular American crime fighting reality show, ‘America’s Most Wanted’ often shows women being attacked or raped by male offenders. The worst part about it is these women have absolutely no weapon or strategy to defend themselves.

This is the reason why women’s organizations and schools have created martial arts courses and programs exclusively for women. Women and even men agree it is crucial that women learn how to defend themselves against male predators. The best and most popular martial art is Karate. Other effective martial arts are Aikido, Judo, Kick Boxing and Kung Fu.

All types of martial arts teach women the techniques of avoiding and facing physical confrontation. Learning these important techniques helps women gain the confidence and strength they need. However, there are other very important things women are taught. The vigorous physical exercises they perform in martial arts classes greatly improves their physical and mental health. Women feel stronger mentally because they feel a sense of security and confidence that they are able to effectively deal with a potentially dangerous situation. They also know when to strike and how to strike without being injured or giving their opponent the opportunity to strike back.

There are many types of martial arts. However, the best types of Martial arts for women are Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing and Kung Fu.


In Karate women learn the proper and most effective methods of punching and kicking. They are also taught the various techniques of footwork. Karate is the most popular martial art because it is the easiest martial art to learn and it is centered on self-defence, a technique that women commonly think most important in building their strength, self-confidence and security.


The fighting method of Aikido is meant to teach women how to control the moves of a potential attacker by redirecting their energy instead of blocking them. In this form of martial art women learn various poses and how to visualize the moves of a potential attacker and swiftly plan their moves accordingly.


In Judo, women learn how to adapt a variety of potential moves that an attacker might make. The main technique taught is how to move out of the way of the attacker. In Judo women are trained to master mental and physical fighting skills and techniques.

Kick Boxing

The hard and strenuous exercises associated with this martial art are more for men. However, there are classes in Kick Boxing that are just for women. This martial art is aimed at teaching boxing, a technique of punching with the fists and kicking at the same time. This martial art is more a self-defence sport for women who want to develop more muscle tissue.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a type of boxing that was created by the Chinese. This type of martial art focuses more on the mental aspect of fighting than the physical. Controlling negative emotions and acting accordingly in a fight is emphasized in the teaching of Kun Fu. By taking Kung Fu women build a strong body and a high self-esteem.

Karate, Aikido, Judo, Kick Boxing and Kung Fu are the best types of martial arts for women because they empower women physically, mentally and emotionally.


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