The Best MBA Programs in Europe

We would be looking at four different locations in Europe where MBA programs are available and these colleges listed are among the best in the world and qualifying from any one of them would ensure a career in the best of organizations because of the prestige of the institutions involved.


INSEAD in France is considered one of Europe’s best business schools. It was founded in 1957 and has now centers in Singapore and Abu Dhabi. It is linked with the Wharton Business School in the USA considered one of the best in the world. INSEAD offers a full time MBA programs as well as executive education programs for people already in business. These executive programs are 15 month courses. The MBA course offers 80 electives which cover traditional management disciplines including finance, economics, organizational behavior, accounting, ethics, marketing, statistics, operations management, international political analysis, supply chain management, leadership and corporate strategy. Teaching includes case studies, lectures, peer to peer learning, group work and simulations. All teaching is in the English language. Its popularity is seen by the fact that it has students from 70 nationalities in its student body and its alumni are based in over 160 countries.


IE is a Sergovia based management school in Spain with a fine reputation. It has a 500 strong faculty that teaches its student body that comprises students from more than 80 countries. They are famous for encouraging applied research among their student and teaching faculty and their courses are designed to the needs of the market. Their courses are known for their focus on the global entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a humanistic slant. They use online and on site formats for teaching a method of teaching in which they are considered pioneers.


Moving to cooler climes one can look at IMD in Switzerland. Their MBA program concentrates on leadership, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. They accept only 90 students in every batch and expect the candidates to have a bachelor’s degree from recognized institutions, a GMAT score of over 675 and at least three years of work experience. They arrange internships for their students to work with executives of companies that may have just started up or are global companies. The campus is situated in Lussanne and campus visits are encouraged before the candidate is accepted. An MBA from IMD would help a rapid promotion in your career and also equip you with the right tools to be an entrepreneur. They expect the candidates who apply to them to have experience, be intellectually capable, determined, and ambitious and some one who is socially and culturally aware and has the right leadership potential.


The London Business School is also one of the top internationally rated business schools. Its full time MBA course is for about 21 months. The first portion of the course concentrates on the core areas in business management while the latter portion allows you to choose according to your strengths and preferences and helps you to improve on any weakness. Learning is through lectures and discussions and workshops. Group work is stressed. Lecture batches never exceed 75 students, who for study purposes are further broken into groups of six or seven persons. Internships are offered during the summer.


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