The Best Places for Doctors to Work

The best places for doctors to work are ones that offer at least two of the following three elements – high salaries, spiritual satisfaction and flexible work schedules. These factors boost the quality of life for a physician and his family. As a result, they are happier and more apt to establish a long lasting practice in the field of medicine. Below are a few of these places. They are the best places to work for doctors because they offer the most career fulfillment.

Free Clinics

Did you know that free clinics are one of the best places for doctors to work? Although the money isn’t always comparable to the average salary of a doctor, the financial loss is made up in spiritual fulfillment. Doctors in free clinics do God’s work and serve people who are often hardworking, but can’t afford health insurance. So, these people relay on the kindness of strangers. Doctors who work in free clinics can feel good about the sacrifice they make for their fellow man. Also, they can take advantage of another perk – short hours. Since free clinics aren’t always open for the same hours as a regular practice, doctors working in one can have a short work week. This factor is another reason why free clinics are one of the best places for doctors to work.

Concierge Centers

Concierge medicine (also known as direct care) is a growing trend in which a physician works on retainer for a small clientele. Usually, a select group of people acquires a concierge doctor in order to obtain boutique-style medical care. Practices that provide concierge services are one of the best places for doctors to work because of the earning potential and work schedule of the practicing physicians. People who hire concierge doctors are often rich and powerful and are willing to pay big bucks. Concierge doctors can easily make seven-figure salaries from one client for only working the kind of hours that would get them a six-figure salary in a public hospital. The schedule also is a negotiable one that might involve a house call a few hours a week. Therefore, concierge service centers are the best places for doctors to work as long as they don‘t mind getting upclose and personal with a select group of people.

Plastic Surgery Centers

Plastic surgeons are doctors who help reconstruct or restore a person’s body for aesthetic or functional reasons. For obvious reasons, a surgery center for this type of physician is one of the best places for doctors to work. Over the past twenty years, plastic surgeons have gained a lot of notoriety through reality TV shows like ‘Dr. 90210’. Also, the American obsession of looking perfect is flooding this profession with new clientele. The benefits of being a plastic surgeon are the seven-figure salaries and spiritual gratification. These physicians are in the unique position to correct a physical deformity or flaw that can increase a person’s quality of life. Being able to see people transform their lives is what fuels many plastic surgeons. So, these types of doctors get to make money doing something that can change a person’s life.

The aforementioned are the best places for doctors to work. So, what places are the worst ones? Check out the places below.

Trauma Centers

People seeking help at a trauma center are often near death. They are usually victims of a violent crime or unfortunate accident. Doctors working the trauma center must work quickly to treat injuries and be prepared to see gushing wounds or worse – death. Because of the emotional and physical demands of working in a trauma center, it is one of the worst places for a doctor to work.

Urgent Care Centers

Doctors working in an urgent care center rarely get to establish a solid relationship with patients. Different people come in for treatment sporadically with a wide variety of medical issues. As a result, the lack of familiarity can make it difficult to treat someone, especially if the illness isn’t clear-cut. As a result, the lack of intimacy make urgent care centers one of the worst places to work.

Managed Care Clinics

Managed care clinics often thrive on giving patients care on a budget. Specialty care will usually require a patient and doctor to jump through several hoops. This factor can limit the type of care a doctor gives a patient. The intense paperwork and possible frustration makes managed care clinics one of the worst places for doctors to work.

In conclusion, some places are better for doctors to work in than others. Medical students contemplating a long-term career in the field of medicine will want to choose one of them.


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