The Best Places to Retire in Europe


Authored by Veronica Bergschneider in Europe 
Published on 02-11-2009

Many people dream of retiring to Europe after working their whole loves, but which parts of Europe offer the best options? Several factors to consider include whether one desires to learn a new language and cultural pattern after so many years of living in one place, the climate conditions most suitable for living, and which hobbies and interested one would like to pursue after retiring. The retiree must also consider how his or her economic condition will impact the ability to buy or rent living quarters and pay other relevant bills once the move is made. These factors can be better addressed before retirement by taking long vacations to the various locales under consideration.

For those with the financial means to retire to a wealthier nation and the sense of adventure to learn new languages and customs, France and Switzerland are popular options. Many people imagine themselves moving to France and soaking up what the French call their Joie de vivre or way of life. This includes, but is not limited to, neighbors willingly sharing their home-grown produce, assistance with property issues, invitations to social gatherings, and zest for walking over driving shown by the locals once a new arrival shows a desire to learn the French language and be polite. Always research the area to which you plan to move and its customs to avoid accidentally insulting someone, such as by calling the person by first name before he or she invites you to do so. In Switzerland, on the other hand, many more people speak English as their first language, making it easier for English speakers to retire there. Being an industrialized nation, Switzerland is also perceived despite its expense and the time it can take to become a resident as being safer, cleaner, and friendlier than many other places.

Retirees with a more limited financial situation can still retire to Europe by considering such places as Italy, Portugal, Malta, Ireland, and Poland. In Sicily, for example, home prices have been dropping, luring many people toward its fantastic scenery. Southern Italy also possesses a temperate climate and friendly people who speak English, which attract those from other lands. Those who choose to retire to Portugal tend to do so for its beauty, culture and the availability of affordable quality healthcare as well as economic prices on other necessities. Malta’s property prices tend to be somewhat higher than other places, but it can still be a great place to retire, This nation’s residents speak English as their first language, and property, once found, is easier to buy than in other places. Its climate offers relief for arthritis sufferers, being in the Mediterranean area. Ireland, although with a climate more like Seattle, Washington, offers much better property prices than many places if major cities are avoided and those over 66 years of age enjoy free transportation and health care. Poland, in spite of a chilly climate, attracts retirees because of its lower crime rate than most places and cheap property.


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