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The Best Sewing Machines From Janome

In business, one thing is for sure, there are the big brands and the ones that trail behind. There are pace setters and record breakers. Now when it comes to sewing machines, two businesses are at the top of the pack. One of these is the manufacturer of the world’s leading sewing machines and the other is the distributor of the top brands of sewing machines.

Janome is the leader when it comes to manufacture of sewing machines. This company has been manufacturing sewing machines for well over a century. Their machines are simply remarkable in terms of performance, durability and affordability. However, they are affordable when you purchase them from a place like Toews Sewing. Toews Sewing is a leading distributor of sewing machines across Canada. It really does not matter what type of sewing machine you want, they have it ready for you.

Toews Sewing has partnered with Janome to ensure that you are able to get the best from Janome including the horizon 8900. You can imagine what kind of service you will be receiving when you do your shopping at Toews Sewing. In the year 2001, Toews Sewing sold so many Janome machines that if they were to be piled up on top of the other, they would be as tall as a four storey building. Do you ask yourself why?

First of all they sell the Janome embroidery machines , so when you buy a machine from Toews Sewing you can be sure that you have bought a high quality machine. They also service the machines they sell. Calvin Toews does the servicing personally. And they also offer you variety. When you visit Toews Sewing, it does not matter what type of machine you want, whether it is the Janome embroidery machine or a quilting machine, you will be able to get all of them right here.

To check out what they have to offer you can pay a visit to their website www.ToewsSewing.com or visit their store on Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford BC. Here you will be able to find virtually all the models of Janome machines from the Janome Horizon to Janome 12000 the best part of it all is that the prices are incredibly good.


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