The Best Stand Up Comedians of All Time

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Performing Arts 
Published on 03-17-2009

Need a good laugh? Who doesn’t in these hard times? Laughter has been called the best medicine and with the economy at an all time low it is good to just go to a night club or pop in a DVD, let loose and just laugh. Not just anybody can make people laugh, there is a knack to it; a certain delivery must precede the punch line. Over the years there has been a great number of comedians adorning the stage, but only a select few can bring tears to your eyes and make your abdomen hurt. These are the best comedians of all time.

Robin Williams has been doing it for years whether on TV or in the movies he will make you bust a gut. But, when Mr. Williams is unleashed on stage, watch out, he is a madman. The man many would first meet as Mork on the show, Mork and Mindy would go on to perform on Broadway and shatter records for a stand up comic.

Gumby and Buckwheat will never be looked at the same after the hilarious Eddie Murphy would portray them on Saturday Night Live in the 80’s. His smash hit Raw and Delirious tours have helped him to rise to comedic fame in the late 80’s and launched him into numerous movie roles.

For a man who had a laundry list of words he was not supposed to say George Carlin would not be kept silent when he stepped on stage. Carlin was well known for telling it like it is and never shying away from a subject.

To say Don Rickles was a head of his time would be a major understatement. Rickles has been telling it like it is for well over fifty years. He never shied away from hecklers and it became his signature when up on stage to do battle with one. Rickles would become known as an insult comic and the audience was usually the brunt of his abuse. The hard edge comic would show his softer side in the kid’s movie Toy Story, playing Mr. Potato Head.

Richard Pryor was more than just a vulgar comedian on stage he was a true storyteller. His story telling abilities along with his comedic persona would lead him to write for numerous TV shows. Pryor would also star on the big screen in such hits as Superman III and The Toy. Pryor died of cardiac arrest in 2005 at the age of 65.

Lisa Lampanelli is not called the Queen of Mean for no reason. She is lewd, crude and very rude and audiences eat it up, as well as love the abuse. Lisa has really hit the big time recently in 2008 filming her first HBO comedy special. The Queen has also made numerous appearances on the King Of All Media, Howard Stern’s show, where her gift shines when roasting others.

Comedy can truly be a good elixir to cap off the day and forget your troubles for a bit.


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