The Best Weight Loss Shakes For Dieters


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues 
Published on 12-10-2008

Do you want to lose weight but just do not have enough things that are enjoyable to eat? Have you ever had a really good weight loss shake? If not, then you might just have the key to your weight loss success right here in front of you. Weight loss shakes are fantastic, and they give us a tasty alternative to the usual diet blandness. Here are the best shakes that I have found out there for losing weight, based on taste and effectiveness.

Strawberry Banana Passion

This weight loss shake is one of the staples of my own diet. The best types of weight loss shakes help to suppress hunger, and can be used to replace meals. The strawberry banana passion drink is as simple as it gets, and fits both of the above requirements perfectly. All you need is two bananas, and six ripe strawberries. Peel the bananas, trim the strawberries and blend them together. It is that easy. Add nonfat milk for texture. This is the best tasting shake on the planet and it keeps me full from morning until early afternoon all by itself. It is also loaded with great vitamin resources and antioxidants.

Honey Infused Apple Shake

This is one of my originals that is based on a weight loss shake that a friend once made me. You need five apples cut, trimmed and blended with a cup of nonfat milk. On the final blend, add in 1/8th of a cup of honey and a pinch of fresh cinnamon. This is easily the best tasting shake on the planet. That includes shakes that are not for weight loss by the way.

Triple C Shakedown

This is a great weight loss shake that will help you out when you have a case of the midday snacks. It is a great way to fill up, without actually filling up on calories. Take one large cucumber, one large carrot, and two slices of cantaloupe. Blend all together until they have a smooth texture. This is a wonderful treat any time of the day, and tastes incredible! It is also infused with fantastic vitamins and minerals to help you get through the day!

These are only three of the best weight loss shakes that you can make for your dieting needs. The combinations are endless and you should experiment regularly with the combinations. You would be amazed at how often you come up with great tasting alternatives that are absolutely excellent choices for weight loss. Weight loss shakes are a way for you to still feel like you are getting great taste, without having to take on all the extra weight gain!


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