The Best Wii Accessories

1. Wii Classic Controller

The classic controller is also known by the name of Wiimote or Wii remote. The Wiimote uses accelerometer and optical sensor technologies to facilitate the player in controlling things on the screen through movement. This was launched in the Tokyo show that was organized in 2005 and has been since then an absolute “can’t do without” accessory for gamers worldwide. The irony is that this has found use even in the hands of hackers to control devices not belonging to the Wii stable.

2. Nunchuk

This unique accessory of Wii allows multi player gaming. The Nunchuk controller is connected to the Wii controller via a four feet long chord. The device owes its name to a Nunchaku and has resemblance to it. It consists of an analog stick, one trigger button and one “c” button. This also has the capability of sensing movement owing to accelerometer and optical sensors.

3. Wii Zapper

The Zapper is basically a jacket to the Wiimote. At times it becomes pretty difficult for the gamer to hold the remote steady for long, so Nintendo devised this light gun shaped jacket so that your gaming experience becomes more worthwhile. The Nunchuk can also be fitted into it. It finds its place at the rear side of the zapper.

4. Wii Wheel

The Wii wheel has a button protruding from the rear that controls the “b” button of the Wiimote. This is most useful when a game uses sideways control of the steering. This has a peripheral control to facilitate the use of a wrist strap when the Wiimote is attached to it. It also helps remove the remote easily from the wheel.

5. Wii Motion Plus

If the Wiimote is amazing, then the Wii motion plus is overwhelming. Nintendo claims that this gadget can allow the user to depict real time motion on the screen. This increases the accuracy of the Wii remote. Since this is equipped with a dual axis sensor, more complex motions can be captured unlike the Wii remote.

6. Sword and Shield

Since the inception of Wii, the Wii accessories have been pretty popular with the gamers, but there have been other third parties who have been producing accessories to complement the ones from Wii. Such an accessory worth mentioning is the sword and shield accessory. This is basically a shell to holster the Wii remote into it. The Wii remote fits into the handle of the sword, and there are clearings for the face buttons. The “b” button is quite easily accessible and the pointer lens of the remote points in the required direction. This accessory comes with a shield, a sword and one knife. Though not a functional gadget in itself, it enhances the gaming experience.

7. Charger – The Wii experience is an ultimate gaming experience for gamers, but what if your remote runs out of charge? Nintendo doesn’t offer a charging option, but there are third parties offering a pack of rechargeable batteries for the remote and a charging console to charge two remotes at a time.


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