The Best Workout Music


Authored by Emeka Justice in Exercise, Music
Published on 03-16-2009

Working out to the beat of a song that inspires you will no doubt improve your mentality towards working out. Listening to music while pumping it up gives an extra boost of energy that comes from being inspired. Depending on what kind of music you like to listen to will determine how you may become energized while working out and listening to it.

Music today is a lot different than just twenty years ago. With the rise of rap, a whole new world of workout music was born. Rap music is indeed motivating music for working out. The lyrics are powerful and will give the feel that you can do anything while you are exercising. Rap videos are full of dances that are in themselves a workout.

The old time rock and roll is more music to listen to while you are working out. Bands like Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin all have tunes that are definitely motivating and inspiring with drummers that will keep you in the beat as well. The beat of a song is what makes it a good workout song. If you put on something to listen to that is slow and sappy, you will in no way be uplifted enough to get down and do even one sit up or scissor lift.

Hip hop music is another kind of music that a lot of people listen to while working out. A lot of gyms play this kind of music during aerobics classes because it is motivating and popular among different groups of people. Hip hop music appeals to almost every age. The music you listen to while working out will make all the difference in how well of a workout you get.

One great part of working out with music is that you don’t have to worry about trying to keep up with your timing. Having your workout go by a stopwatch is awfully boring! You can use music to time your exercises. Do one set to one song or stay on the treadmill for three songs. Most songs are between 3 or 4 minutes…a perfect timer.

Making yourself a compilation of your favorite songs to work out to is a great idea. In this way, you will be able to get a pattern set for workout according to what songs you listen to. Try putting the faster upbeat songs like rap and hip hop at the beginning and then add slower songs near then end to synchronize when you start slowing down to the end of your exercising.

Music has always inspired people. The movie Top Gun shows actor Tom cruise listening to headphones every time he got into the cockpit of the fighter jets he was flying. The same thing happens to everyone when they listen to music. A workout is how you get those muscles toned up. The music you listen to while you are working out will be the way you get your inspiration toned up.


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