The Buyers Guide to Salmon Fishing Gear


Authored by Emeka Justice in Fishing
Published on 04-08-2009

There is nothing better to a fisherman than to go out bright and early on a boat on that clear, calm, blue water and catch what he is after, Salmon. Salmon fish are among the most popular fish today. Many fishermen seek out the perfect fishing spot in order to catch these highly sought after fish; however it’s not as easy as it sounds, you need to bring the right gear.


When fishing for Salmon, you need to keep in mind which type you are after; if you are after a large Chinook Salmon, then you will want a larger fishing rod. You need to make sure it is strong enough to get the fish to you once you hook it, there is nothing more disappointing than having your prized catch get away.

If you are looking for a smaller type of Salmon you can use a lighter rod. Using a lighter rod does not mean that you will have it easy when it comes to catching fish. Fly fishing is one of the most challenging fishing methods and they use a very light rod. Using a lighter rod while fly fishing helps the fisherman to easily maneuver the rod because he is whipping the line back and forth over his head.


Reels are equally important as rods are when it comes to Salmon fishing; there are many reels designed for Salmon fishing, larger catchers, and towing your fish to shore. Shop around so that you can find the best deal on your reel. Be prepared to pay a little more for the more advanced reel, the more it can do, the more it will cost.

If you are truly passionate about Salmon fishing, then buying an expensive rod and reel should be no problem for you because you know that you will get years and years out of this equipment and have many catches to show for it.

Fishing line

Fishing line that is visible to the fish is definitely a no no because if your fish can see the line, he will most likely not take the bait. Find a fishing line that will disappear once it sinks into the water; this makes your bait look more enticing and the fish is more likely to bite. You will also want to make sure you are using a strong line so that it does not snap when you are reeling the coveted Salmon in; you’ve come too far to let him go now. Keep in mind that the strong and invisible line will be more expensive than the generic kind but it will be well worth it when you are towing your Salmon home.

Fishing is about relaxing and having a good time; use the gear that you are comfortable with and that you can afford. Don’t go broke on fishing gear but be aware that you will get what you paid for. Most fishermen know that even though you didn’t get anything, there is always next time.


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