The Care of UGG Boots

UGG boots, an Australian accessory, are becoming a fashion sensation the world over. These sheepskin boots require special care for the owner to get maximum comfort and use out of each pair. The material used in making them allows the wearer’s feet to breathe naturally, keeping them warm to temperatures as low as thirty degrees below zero Fahrenheit. One can also wear these boots all year due to the naturally thermostatic fibers used in their construction, which allow the wearer’s feet to breathe, and take excess heat and moisture away from the feet to create comfort throughout the day, indoors and out.

As the manufacturer, UGG Australia recommends treating their sheepskin and suede boots with their own company’s water and stain repellent prior to wearing them for the first time. This is done much as it would be for any other suede shoes or boots. Spray the outer sheepskin surface only of the boots with the water and stain repellent in an even layer until it looks wet but not soaked. Let the boots dry naturally, but not in direct heat or sunlight, as this would cause fading and uneven drying, for at least 24 hours. Then, brush the sheepskin very lightly in one direction with a soft-bristle suede or nubuck brush to raise the nap and give it a natural look. Doing this before wearing the boots will give them the best possible initial appearance and help them last longer by resisting the formation of many stains and spots.

However, not all stains and spots can be avoided. Sometimes, UGG Australia’s Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner will be required to help prolong the life of the boots. UGG instructs the wearer to hand wash the boots when necessary, as washing them in a machine will destroy the nap and wear down the fibers of the boots. To clean a stain, first moisten the boot with clean, cold water, then use a solution of diluted Cleaner and Conditioner on a sponge. Never apply the product directly to the material, as it will weaken the fibers. Gently scrub the area with the sponge to lift out the stain so the delicate sheepskin will not be damaged in the cleaning process. Rinse the boots in clean, cold water and stuff them lightly with paper so they hold their shape while drying naturally and slowly away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Once the boots dry, brush them once again with a soft-bristled suede or nubuck brush in one direction to restore the nap to the fabric.

For those who buy fancy boots, such as Classic Metallics, Paisley, Embroidered Boots, Floral, Sweater Knit, Specialty Suede, Croc, or Mosaic, UGG recommends using a clean, soft cloth dampened with only cold water and no cleaning products to gently wipe or blot the stain from the boots and not brushing them to avoid taking the extra details off of the surface, although UGG Australia Water and Stain Repellant may still be used to protect the surface of the boots.


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