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The CECT i9 or The P168? Which is The better iPhone Replicated? Does The i9 Offer Improved Features?

  • By lee pettily
  • Published 11/17/2011
  • Non-Fiction

The series of events that took the original iPhone replicated (CECT P168 (“iClone”)) to its newest version, the i9 is pretty interesting. The P168 is still a very fast seller and I still find it to be a great phone. It’s so popular for many iwc replica, but perhaps the most powerful is that its software is very easy to and at the time of its release it mimicked the original more closely than any other replicated.

This original model was then improved upon with the CECT P168 Plus + or quad band, which added the 850 MHz band, updated the firmware, and improved the digicam web  +ipad 2 hard case.

Then, came the SciPhone, which was the upgrade of the plus quad band. This model upgraded these clones to include Java so that you can could easily download and use any such software and games.The new CECT i9 is the latest, upgraded model of the SciPhone. This article will discuss some of the improvements and features of this new i model.

Two Sims At once: This dual sim model allows for two sim cards or networks with

both sims able to be online at once.Ads by GoogleShake And Tilt Feature: The original P168 did not have the shake and tilt or “shake to the music” feature. This is later made popular by models like the A88 and A380i.The i9 has this shake control feature which means that you can advance or forward music, songs, and media only by a-tremble the product. The tilt feature means that no matter whether you have the product up right or on it’s side (symbol or landscape), the product will right itself so your image will almost always be up right.Much more Memory: The i9 will support up to a huge 8GB (and the newer models will support even more than that) of expandable memory. This is huge when you are going to be downloading software, songs and applications via Java or when you are downloading music and video and you don’t want all of this entertainment to eventually slow or bog down your phone.

Java Support: I think the biggest and most important upgrade / improvement with the i9 is the Java support. The original iClone did not allow for any such for downloading. Having Java means so many cool productivity applications like outlook express, PowerPoint, Word, and Shine in life to name just a few as well as thousands of cool games available – many for free.



by lee pettily



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