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The charisma of alexander wang

  • By Nicole White
  • Published 01/30/2011
  • Satire

Alexander Wang is an Asian American. He created his brand Alexander Wang in 2004, a rather young and new brand in fashion industry. But just for a few years, Alexander Wang has grown into a popular and successful young designer who has obtained acclaimed critics widely. The so-called “it girls” like Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashlee Simpson, all are loyal fans of Alexander Wang. It girls play a leading role in fashion world, which means almost every new fashion item shown by them can become next day’s hot bestsellers. Apparently, Alexander Wang’s products like bags, clothes and shoes have gained a great favor from these it girls, while at the same time, achieved a good reputation among fashion-conscious crowd. One of Alexander Wang’s origins of inspiration goes to New York’s East Side where he found free spirit from skater boys and their girlfriend. Alexander Wang appreciates free lifestyle and proudly indifferent attitude, from which he was inspired to bring out his design marked with free and uninhibited characters. In addition, Alexander Wang pays a lot of attention to details, such as his delicate edge processing. Just because of his pursuit of free lifestyle, we can see his ignorance of luxury from his design. Alexander Wang’s clothes line is designed for young generations, which can best express their spirits and personalities. His design always meets the demand of market, so practical and chic that his popularity is growing among the young. From Alexander Wang’s 2010 fall runway show, this new trend is predictable that chic combination of masculine and femininity will be the dominant style for women. In the other word, that is tomboy style, which is not just simply putting men’s clothes on but integrating men’s hard look and women’s soft look together in a appropriate way. For 2010 fall, you have to bag yourself a piece of Alexander Wang. Dressed up as a cool and chic tomboy, you can tell your own soft hard dream. Do you wish to have your own discount zenith watches at very cheap price?

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by Nicole White



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