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The collision between warm can also produce striking results

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/16/2011
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Pants is not unusual for a single product, in the selection of pants, you are not just focused on the pants of style and shape, while ignoring the role of color? In fact select a suitable color of pants, either bright or careful design lines, can help you modify the legs a good type, showing slender legs.Blue pants with light material T-shirt, wearing the proper spring, casual and comfortable, T-shirts decorated with white pants, blue color after each other, tight legs shall be able to pull a good type, and the color of fresh very bright, very suitable for the spring season. Super sweet pink plaid pants, eight of the design is very cool, late spring for a summer Sweet 16 Dresses, with a gray hoodie and sneakers, very dynamic mix of gray pants and shirt and shoes the color of echoes, Oh, such a match worth learning. Stylish and handsome man dressed up! Hot in the summer hot weather comes as the color blue.

Blue denim shirt is nowadays the most beloved street crush a single product. It is fresh and natural expression to the whole outfit look casual nature. Col

or with a comeback hit, vigorous and eye-catching bright orange light blue became the backbone of forces, not always in the trends in the appearance of bright yellow and green pine also become the new hot dark horse stance. When the ripe colors collide together, bursts of brilliance is much stable than the more attractive to insurance with it. Fashion accessories and relationship between the echo in the collision with the color is extremely important.Celebrity Dresses, delicate colors need to have a sound background fill color, and accessories echo the superposition of two extreme colors can make the level with even more rich. Color with the color appears in the collision with the most ingenious way is to use different materials reflect the sense of rhythm, and the length of elastic with also a degree of relaxation.The collision between warm can also produce striking results, and black and white colors of the little details, you can hit the color of sweet harmony. Accessories with a strong color for the large area of ?the collision point of eye color, in addition, it also brought a sense of breaking the symmetry and rigid stickle



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