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The Concept of Free Articles

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 10/30/2008
  • Article Writing

Free Articles, why would anybody want to deal with or in free articles. That is what I thought when I first saw the title then again I might not be the most up to date marketing person either. Free articles are usually submitted into an Article Directory and they have quite a few purposes. Free articles can also be referred to as open content, as the term refers the content is available for copying and modifying some people frown about the idea of giving something away for free after you have worked so hard on it. Well the fact of the matter is there is plenty of free articles out there and varying reasons. If we look at the Wikipedia concept that is a whole library of free articles ranging from countries and cities to animals and legal cases, it really has everything in it. That is thanks to the founder Jimmy Wales, who stated that the vision of Wikipedia was to allow each person to have access to the sum of all human knowledge, and that is exactly what they have done. By creating a solid forum, with rules and regulations, they have taken all the free articles that people submit, or are submitting and it is collated correctly to formulate a fantastic knowledge database for anyone who has internet access to be able to gain from all this knowledge.

Would you still be raising an eyebrow about free articles, when your child is re

searching a school project on Wikipedia somehow I doubt it. This is an example of the power of free articles and why people do it. The other reasons for free articles and content can be related to marketing purposes, where corporations and companies utilize the free articles and article directories as a linking mechanism to their sites, obviously to increase traffic and thereby increase turnover. Yet the content is still free, it is a very smart tool to use in the generation of income via the power of the internet. I would even go so far as to say that the free articles for marketing purposes can add value to any individuals life, as that individual would not have taken up the call to action had they not really been in the market for the product, that the specific company manufactures or sells. Other free articles could be posted by a writer, someone that just gets pure enjoyment out of writing and sharing their information with others, similar to the Wikipedia scenario. These writers have day jobs, and perhaps are not good enough or believe that they are not good enough to be writers and therefore utilize the article directories as a medium of publishing their articles.

Not only has the internet revolutionized our behavior, and our way of thinking, but ancillary items related to the internet like free articles have added a lot of value and contributed to helping make our lives a little simpler, and a lot more knowledgeable.


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