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The Cut Once Heirloom Ruler on Kickstarter


Cut Once Ruler Back

Raise your hand if you ever picked up a ruler and thought to yourself “Wow! This ruler is amazing!”  Now if you hand is in the air, keep it up there because we are going to come by and rap you across the knuckles with this ruler because you just lied.  We just found the most amazing ruler so there is no way you ever honestly had that thought.  This is a ruler that you are never going to want to toss in a drawer with some other basic and mundane objects.


The Cut Once Ruler Markings

This Cut/Once™ – Heirloom Ruler is an awesome Kickstarter project that has already been funded so you can go ahead and grab one for yourself now.  If you are not sure what the name means, it comes from the old carpenters adage of measuring twice and cutting once, because cutting twice isn’t always possible. simple-smile-4734262  There are many awesome things about this ruler, one of them being the markings on the face of the ruler.  Each mark on the ruler is laser cut into the wood, and the large inch declarations are also made up of marks that correspond with their counterparts meant to actually measure making for a unique looking design.


Cut Once Ruler Laying Down

Another insightful design aspect of the Cut Once ruler is how it lays when you want to measure something with it.  Because it is made from a custom designed chair rail molding, it does not lay perfectly flat but rather on a slanted plane.  At first this might seem counter intuitive for a ruler, but it actually serves a purpose.  Having the edge of the ruler at this angle actually helps to prevent the tip of your pen from getting ink along the edge as you draw a line with it.  I’m pretty sure we have all at one time or another found ourselves getting ink on our fingers because we touched the edge of a ruler that we just drew a line with.


Cut Once Ruler Pen Holder

The additional benefit of using the custom chair molding as the material for this ruler is that when you flip it over it makes an excellent place to hold and display your favorite pen.  The contour in the beveled edge makes for the perfect and stable place to leave your pen without it rolling away on you or being misplaced.  Besides being that functional, its just a great way to show off your favorite pen by mounting it on a ruler that is also deserving of a prime display spot on your desk.  The Cut Once ruler only has less than a day left on Kickstarter so I’d definitely recommend grabbing one now while you can.  My only beef with the ruler is that it doesn’t come in some sort of wood stain finish.  I’d love to see it in a nice walnut or mahogany finish, maybe that will be available in a next version though.

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