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The Descendants: Incisive, Humorous, and Touched

  • By Zetasler you
  • Published 01/12/2013

Today, many movie makers love to get inspirations from the novels. For example, there are 11 parts in Stanley Kubrick’s 13 movies recomposed from the novels. In the novels, they can find out many unexpected stories, characters and even worlds. The well-known director Alexander Payne is no exception. Alexander Payne always focuses his most attention to the story. breaking bad dvd box set Therefore, most of his works are highly praised by fans or media. All these great works are the recompositions from the novels. Last year, inspired by a maiden work of Kaui Hart Hemmings, Alexander Payne once again brought a great story to us – The Descendants. With the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The Descendants is a very impressive story to reveal a different life.

The story of The Descendants happens in Hawaii. Matt King is a successful businessman living in Hawaii. He believes that he has a happy lifestyle with his family. But unfortunately, his wife has met with an accident while she is riding the motorboat. From then on, his life changes completely. He has to deal with true blood season 4 dvd the terrible inheritance of the family land and take care of his daughters at the same time. For Matt King who has never kept house, all these cockamamie things are challenging his limitation. In addition to his rebel oldest daughter and the innocent little girl, he has to make the most difficult decision never made before – he must take out the survive device from his wife.

Not only that, he finds that his wife had had an affair with another man for a long time. The inacceptable truth really shocks him. At the same time, he also feels shamed and resentful and decides to find that man. During this period, he and his daughters start to experience another new level of life.

Subtle, and emotional, The Descendants is an amazing script. With lots of emotion and fine details, this impressive story gives an unmatched world to make you sad and smile at the same time. suits dvd It has also brought us to a different life experience which we have never had before. Focusing on the story, Alexander Payne always reveals some comedy and warm elements in this drama movie about the family life. Thanks to its appropriate dramatic elements, The Descendants is undoubtedly praised by the viewers who are familiar with family life.  


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