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The Desk of a Billionaire

The Desk of Billionaire Elon Musk in his Tesla Electric Car Factory

Today I saw an interesting interview with Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla.  Obviously as the founder of such successful companies, Mr. Musk is a very smart man.  Most reports put his net worth at about $7+ billion, and his Tesla car company alone is worth about $19B based on the stock price today.  You might ask why any of this information has found it’s way to a site that is all about reviewing cool office supplies?  Well here’s why.

I present to you the Ikea GALANT, desk of a billionaire…


Now you too can shop like a world famous billionaire

If you click on the link above and watch the video its kind of funny to see him talking about his Ikea desk.  The best I could tell from the photos is that it appears to be the Ikea Galant desk which I have pictured above.  The color of the wood looks a little bit off if you compare both pictures but I’m pretty sure those are the same desks.  You can also see from the picture and the video that it appears the rest of the factory and office have similar desks and accessories.  This all makes sense when you think about it though.  When Tesla was founded they only had a market cap of about $1.5B, so I guess they were being frugal when getting things up and running.  Anyway, go ahead and pick yourself up a a Galant and maybe you will come up with the next billion dollar start up that tackles space travel, eCommerce, or clean energy. It will be the best $250 investment you ever made.

The Tesla Model S – Image from Tesla.com

Here is a Tesla Model S for those that have never seen one before.  Sometimes posting pictures of fancy sports cars is a nice change of pace from posting pictures of fancy pens and notebooks.  One last thing I noticed about this desk of a billionaire was that it’s probably one of the very few desks in the world that have a “Motortrend Car of the Year” award prominently displayed on it.  It’s a shame I wasn’t able to interview Mr. Musk for our “What’s on their Desk” series that we did a while ago.

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