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The development of cultural tourism

  • By Alicia Terrysson
  • Published 07/27/2012
  • Article Writing

With the development of the transportation system, we got an opportunity to travel around the world with comfort. Now almost all people have an opportunity to travel around the globe and see other countries and people. Today the number of international, state and private non-profit organizations which promote cultural tourism is great. Their main objective is to show that culture and tourism influence not only on the country and its economy but also on the person. Cultural tourism is a great opportunity to extend your outlook and get fresh impression about the country, its traditions, history and cultural heritage. 

Cultural tourism is a key element of the development of the intercultural dialogue that is very important nowadays. This kind of travelling is a chance to break stereotypes and an opportunity to show compare your culture and other cultures. With the help of cultural travel tours people can bring something new into their vision of the world and their way of life. These tours are readily available at different travel agencies. Travel agencies are supported by different non-profit organizations, which are aimed at the development of cultural tourism. Cultural travel tours are organized to the countries where tourists can get familiar with landmarks and sights which are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. These sights play a very important role not only for the country, where they are located, but also for the whole world.  However, almost each country has significant landmarks included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

These sights have a great historical and cultural meaning for the whole world and that’s why they are under the protection of the UNESCO organization. Nowadays cultural travel tours are becoming more and more popular, as people are eager to learn something new about other people and other countries. Nowadays there are a lot of travel communities and non-profit organizations which promote cultural tourism and provide travellers with all the necessary information about different countries and interesting places to see and visit. If you want to get more information about cultural and historical heritage of different countries you can visit WorldSiteHotels official website at http://www.worldsitehotels.com/. Here you will be able to book a hotel in advance, find the list of the UNSECO sights, read information about culture and tourism and find the information about the most popular tourist destinations.



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