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The development prospects of Soft packing without solvent adhesives

  • By machinechina machinechina
  • Published 10/7/2011

Composite technology without solvent in the European and American market has dominated quite important place, accounting for new compound machine equipment 80-90%. In China, no solvents composite technology began in the 1990 s, the existing installation quantity not more than 40 units. Traditional soft packing industry with gum rubber for solvent. In 1996, Chinese in China to take the lead in innovative market promotion without solvent glue. And the solvent glue, glue compared without solvent not only has the advantages of low carbon environmental protection, more can save with adhesive volume, can apply faster machines line, improve the production efficiency and so on, has the high performance-price ratio. Without solvent adhesives characteristics 1. Do not contain not use solvent Without solvent adhesive is 100% of the effective component content, use different coating system coating, do not use solvents, so in the whole process of compound solvent evaporation does not exist, composite products for compound solvent residual, no more accord with the request of food safety, and has no emissions, meet emission reduction and environmental requirements. 2. Do not belong to inflammable and explosive dangerous goods Good safety, no fire and explosion danger, need not solvent explosion-proof measures; No flux adhesives do not belong to inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, such as, high corrosion in transportation and storage aspects need not do explosion-proof consider, and at the same time without solvent adhesive is 100% of the content of solid, own storage space less. 3. Coating quantity is little Because there is no flux has better cold flow characteristics, without solvent adhesive coating of quantity generally in 0.8 2.5 g/m2, such as for paper between special material, coating quantity can amount to 4 g/m2. Solvent sex coating adhesive is generally in 2.0 4.5 g/m2. Without solvent adhesives visible cost advantage. 4. Small molecular weight Without solvent adhesives relative to the same level of adhesives coatings small molecular weight, make a lot in a certain appropriate temperature adhesive, need not solvent participation in the state, on base material surface infiltration, diffusion and penetration possible. Solvent free pu adhesives type and development process Solvent free composite technology, equipment and adhesive is developed in the 1970 s. The first generation of adhesive without solvent for one wet ical cured adhesive. One copy of moisture polyurethane adhesive without solvent ical cured the chemical structure containing chain length is relatively short roots of the tdi, polyester or polyether, tdi root (NCO) and base material or the environment moisture produces chemical reaction, release CO2 cured. In order to overcome the disadvantages of adhesive ca, two-component polyurethane developed without solvent two-component polyurethane adhesives, without solvent adhesive according to high resistance performance early and cooking, and can be divided into the second and third generation of two-component polyurethane adhesive without solvent. The second generation without solvent adhesive in early 1980 times used in compound packing material. The third generation without solvent adhesives overcome, the second generation of the shortcomings of adhesive without solvent, it has a beginning, low viscosity, high high operating temperatures low of composite material, can solve the advantages of unlimited, the second generation of the adhesive to EVA and nylon heat sealing bad and, at the same time, cut off sex strong film easy on easy or folds disbonding problem is solved, can be applied to all kinds of plastic and foil composite, reduce the content of free diisocyanate, bear the contents of the excellent performance, adhesive bonding strength and heat resistant performance is improved, aluminum-plastic composite membrane products may have high corrosion resistant performance of cooking. The third generation of the product at present main characteristics are: (1) adopting the catalytic system. (2) reduce the adhesive viscosity, improve the adhesive on membrane wettability, improve the adhesive of in the membrane surface coating scattered performance. So without solvent adhesives, can improve the quality of the products, and compound can improve the machine speed and increase production efficiency. Without solvent polyurethane adhesive development has been nearly 30 years of history, its product performance also gradually incline to mature, in the green environmental protection, low carbon economy of the environment, solvent-free adhesives with its superior economy, safety and environmental protection, and the advantage of composite technology and equipment of development, in Germany, the United States, Japan and around the world are popular. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, solvent free pu adhesives from 20 years ago in the use of the rapid increase to 10%, more than half of now. Japan since the 1977 Taiwan began to introduce the first without solvent compound machine, now has more than 100 sets with a solvent-free composite equipment. Because of the complex film machine accelerated continuously the general adhesives curing speed difficult to adapt to the fourth generation of ultraviolet ray, ical cured without solvent adhesives arises at the historic moment. The current application cationic curing products, mainly is the acid catalytic epoxy system, under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the light of the adhesive initiator decomposition, cause epoxy for embedded polymerization, get the epoxy resin 3 d crosslinking structure. In choosing appropriate ultraviolet generator premise, the adhesive can be quickly compound, and polyester film in a few minutes to an hour to very high adhesive strength, so that the processing process smoothly. The characteristics of composite equipment without solvent Compared with solvent composite equipment, without solvent has the following advantages: composite equipment 1. No word baking, low energy consumption Solvent compound machine baking word generally installed capacity in 150-250 KW, a year average power consumption can be up to 50-700000 yuan RMB, the use of steam, energy consumption is not in the decimal. Without solvent the power is low, not bake, Italy Nordmeccanica, according to the information provided, without solvent consumption is almost one over twenty of the solvent. 2. Composite speed Solvent free composite need not baked, no residual solvents restriction, high efficiency, the average composite speed is 250 m/min, maximum of 600 m/min, a composite function to meet two printing machines production. 3. A high degree of automation Without solvent compound machine using proprietary equipment in automatic glue, automatic control and party b the proportion of the two components, automatic control temperature, can adjust the coating, equipment of online, save human compact. The composite technology are without solvent At present, the main base material compound commonly used without solvent has BOPP, PET, OPA, VMCPP, VMPET, CPP, PE, aluminum foil, etc. Composite was often rigidity, coating performance good materials. The author enjoys collecting packing machine .would suggest you to find good quality food packing at http://www.boevan.com/


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