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The DM50D Monitor From LG’S Cinema 3D Range

  • By Barry Knightly
  • Published 11/23/2011

Want to experience the ultimate in 3D technology?

With Cinema 3D from LG, you can do just that. Using the latest in 3D technology, all encased within a sleek design, it could not be easier to introduce the power of 3D to your television and movie watching at home.

Here we focus on the DM50D Monitor, part of the Cinema 3D range.

Not only can you view the latest shows and movies in stunning 3D, but also Full HD on its 23” screen.

As is expected with all LG products, no less their monitors, the DM50D boasts a streamline design as well as easy installation allowing you, your friends and family to enjoy a range of multimedia with ease.

3D Effect Mode

3D monitors from LG, such as the DM2350D model, provide vivid and clear 3D imagery through the brands 3D Effect Mode.

The 3D Effect Mode sharpens the borders of dark images allowing users to experience clearer 3D picture quality and feel greater depth in 3D – much like that of the cinema viewing experience.

Surround Sound

LG’s Surround X maximizes the reality of watching television or film, by delivering vivid 3D sound.

The surround sound system reproduces crisp and vivid sounds bringing to life the experience of watching 3D television or film – as well as playing games and listening to music.

USB Quick View HD Play

With the DM50D, you no longer need a separate video player to enjoy HD quality pictures.

With its built-in Quick View HD Play function, you’re free from having to boot your computer to view video clips and pictures or listen to music files.

You’ll now be able to view instant playback of video clips from USB memory devices by simply connecting the USB to the monitor.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of Cinema 3D



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