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The down coat with fashion freshness style

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/24/2012

Today our wholesale women fashion online shop come back, we will offers several popular models of winter ladies coat in koreanjapanclothing.com, and everyone can see it quickly. Annual winter popular clothing style is always gets the attention of girls, the coat is a winter necessary item. Either cotton coat or jacket, it is very popular with all ages of people.

Army green cotton jacket, Shorty beautiful women who wear this jacket, shorts accompanied most fashionable nice. The girl green irregular sweater khaki shorts with color and flavor of Korea, and very highlighted gas field. Winter select this match, not only was tall and very avant-garde!

This black and gray color cotton jacket, models thin, double-layer design is very innovative, especially. Street beat the girls to opt for a more casual personality style mix and match models of the long white turtle neck stamped leggings, the overall mix, giving the impression that the Panasonic compact, this match is not to make you feel more was thin some of it.

Nude color short coat, girls winter play cute best weapon, this jacket design is relatively simple, casual style clothing, winter wear, most comfortable, to facilitate movement. Ride within meters short white sweater, pants match wide leg pants, and it is very sweet feel!

Lemon yellow down coat jacket, so bright and beautiful colors, very touching it. Choose white sweater, black skirt combination, sweet and very cute, fantasy Department of sweet girls, very suitable for winter outfit.

Like this green short down coat, so fresh colors wrapped in the body, is really a kind of visual enjoyment. With a gray skirt and same color package hip bottoming pants, the pants leg curve to be a perfect show, white sports shoes match, highlight the charm of youthful vitality girls temperament.

Waist paragraph cotton jacket, thin effect is not the good. Stand-up collar design is very humane, for the mm winter biting wind, and style design is very stylish. White cotton jacket with a black skirt is simple, classic, trendy and stylish.

Yellow coat, with the way open to wear inside match a lady style woolen dress, highlight the girls will be very sweet temperament. Zippered, with leggings is enough, the easiest ride method is the most fashionable.

Now come our wholesale fashion clothing shop, you will find the 2012 winter warm red coat in koreanjapanclothing.com. This army green sweater quilted coat, the color gives a very handsome feeling. However, girls walking the lovely personalized wind route, wearing a cartoon rendering sweaters, it can let you become charming.


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