The Easiest Jobs in the World

There are some amazingly easy jobs out there. Not all of them pay well, and as a matter of fact many of them pay horribly… but that’s the trade off for not having to really do much of anything at all to earn some money. In fact if a person were to really put their mind to it they could probably do two or more of these jobs and make twice the money for barely double the effort.

First up on the list of easiest jobs in the world is being a test subject. There are always scientific studies going on that require test subjects to show up and subject themselves to experimentation. Sometimes the studies want to take readings of a person’s sleep habits in a certain environment. Other times the study wants to simply test the effectiveness of a new drug and what side effects it may have. Sometimes these studies only want people in a certain age group, or with a certain physical or psychological illness, but other times they will accept anyone who shows up and is willing to participate. The pay isn’t very high for this sort of job, and it’s hardly what you’d call a career, but it is easy to do.

Another amazingly simple kind of job that anyone can do is selling their body. While it might sound like prostitution, that’s not what this refers to. No rather this job is about people who will trade bodily fluids, and even tissues for cash. Donating blood and plasma for money is one of the most notable ways to make some extra spending cash. This is especially true for plasma, which can be donated up to twice a week. Men can also donate their sperm (provided they pass certain tests and have no sexually transmitted diseases), and women can donate their eggs (though this is a much more involved process that requires surgery… the payout is also significantly higher). Under this umbrella kind of job are also people who sell their hair to wig makers… while it might take a long time to get the proper length, what’s easier than sitting around and growing your hair?

A last couple of easy gigs involve working for marketing. The first is simply answering surveys and reading advertisements. What could possibly be easier? You sit in front of a computer all day and click your mouse to answer questions about your favorite products, or after watching video clips of a new commercial. Of course these surveys may sometimes take a great deal of time, and the payout isn’t usually very high. Sometimes its 50 cents, sometimes it’s $5. Then again you did the job at home in your pajamas and you didn’t even have to take a shower.

Another easy job in this category is working as a mystery shopper. While there are a lot of scams genuine mystery shoppers have an easy time of things, provided they’re observant and well spoken. You go to Target or Wal-Mart with a gift card provided by the company and you just look around. You make notes in your mind about what you like, what you don’t like, and what needs to be changed while you shop. Then all you have to do is write up a simple mission report and take what you bought back home because it’s yours to keep. Most people shop anyway, and if you have an eye for details and you can be articulate then this is one of the easiest jobs in the world.


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