The Evil Things That Work Against Your Efforts To Make Money Online

A number of people these days have turned to the internet as a way to make money online. They may be participating in selling items via online auctions, participating in the many affiliate sales opportunities that can be found, or developing and promoting their own website or blog. While making money online is possible and can even be fun as well as challenging, are a number of challenges that have to be faced before you can be successful at it. These challenges may take the form of learning processes and information, investing a small amount in equipment and or software that your money making venture requires during the start-up phase, or finding the time that your online project demands so that it can have a reasonable chance at being successful. There are a number of down times that will occur during the running of your online business. These down turns can happen during the planning, building, or updating phase of your project and provide a weak spot where you can easily be distracted.

Some of the biggest challenges you’ll face are the ones that at first seem like they will not be much of a problem at all.

Forums And Chatrooms

Socialization has always been one of the biggest distractions that humans have had to come up against. Many people like to meet other people and discuss issues that they are interested in. Forums and chatrooms are perfect for this type of activity as they provide a place for people from all walks of life to freely assemble and discuss issues that they may be interested in. It is very easy to get wrapped up in a discussion about something that is meaningless when compared to the online business you should be focusing on.

Free Online Games

Simple free online games are a great time waster, sadly when you are operating an online business you shoudn’t be wasting any of the time you have available to be online. There is always something you can do to build or promote your online presence and little of it can be done while playing online scrabble, chess, or poker.


There are millions of people that are convinced that they have no problem working or studying with the television on. They swear that they use it for background noise and that it doesn’t distract them one little bit. While their may be the occasional person that this is true for, for the most part this is a lie used to justify wanting the television on. The truth is, anything that is video is naturally going to be distracting because you are forced to look away from what you are working on to see what is being displayed on the television. If background noise is desired, it is much better to use music instead of television


Not only is snacking a convenient way to be distracted from working on your online business, it is also a great way to put on some extra pounds. Even when not eating the constant walking to the kitchen and staring at the cupboards and open refrigerator is not a good use of your available work time. If you do get the urge to snack while working online, try replacing food with a piece or two of sugarless gum. This allows you to get a taste in your mouth, keep your hands free, and has the added benefit of being virtually calorie free.

Online Videos

Much like television, watching online videos is a far too distracting activity for anyone working on an online business to participate in. While many online videos are funny or interesting, none of them will give you more value than getting back to work on your website or blog will.

Text Messaging

The constant text messaging that some people participate for is one of the most distracting things that people will encounter during their day. Messaging with a friend requires both hands and minds to become disengaged from the online business project that is being worked on and instead requires them to be committed to a conversation that in most cases can be put off to a better time when your time has less demands put on it.

A large part of the battle in any self-employment situation is avoiding being distracted and working to your full potential. From financial, to business contacts, to server issues, and more; there are more than enough legitimate distractions in the world of online business that an entrepreneur doesn’t have to complicate matters worse by voluntarily wasting time by giving into the temptations provided by the many evil things waiting to derail their online money making plans.


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