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The exclusivity of the boutique hotels

Boutique hotels better known as ‘design hotels’ or ‘lifestyle hotels ‘is quite prevalent nowadays. Theme based designs are used for decorating boutique hotels. These hotels emphasis on offering their services in a tranquil and warm setting. Boutique hotels get their classy status through individual touches. They became quite popular in the late 1980’s.

Technology is a key aspect of boutique hotel; guests may prefer to stay in a hotel that offers high-end technology. The services that you can benefit from boutique hotels are worth appreciating: fireplace in the lobby, laundry facilities, coffee and newspaper in the lobby, concierge service, DVD players, cordless phone, patio and tennis court, valet parking, tours and ticket assistance, non-smoking zone, dry cleaning and elevator/lift. Many boutique hotels also boast spa, sauna bath, beauty salons where you can pamper yourselves.

There are severalboutique hotels that are quite distinctive for their site dining facilities, vibrant bars and lounges and countless other eye-catching styles and attractive activities. These hotels preserve the typical style of noble mansion and fit in perfectly with the striking interior and architecture of the local area. Boutique hotels are all about creative style. Attention to detail is indispensable. They are aware of the fact that the guests will notice the good quality of work.

Room sizes usually vary from small and compact to huge suites. The rooms feature satellite TV, a laptop safe and tea/coffee. Some rooms also have an iPod dock and a PlayStation. Most of the boutique hotels don’t have more than 150 rooms as these hotels highlights on keeping the guest to staff ratio very less. Boutique hotels have become very famous among the youngsters, adventurous people and especially among the business travellers. Many business travellers also choose these hotels because of the amenities and facilities offered by these hotels.

Most of the hotels serve English breakfast, continental option or buffet breakfast in the spacious eating area, and also offer a wide variety of fresh, local seafood, or a weekly seafood buffet. Few hotels also cater to the dietary requirement. Many of these hotels also serve traditional dishes which are quite preferred by the visitors. The guests can also enjoy drinks in the lounges along with live music.

Boutique hotelsare mostly found in the entertainment and business capitals wherein they can entice enough visitors and earn a good deal of profit. These hotels are generally located near the resorts but you can also find boutique hotels in city destinations as well. These boutique hotels offer easy access to the shops, local restaurants and bars. For example, you can find several boutique hotels Jersey which are situated near the resort. Many boutique hotels in Jersey offer brilliant proximity to London museums and the Royal Albert Hall. The hotels in city destination are popular because of their easy accessibility. In fact, investing in boutique hotel is a good way of earning money as the hospitality industry is growing day by day.

Staying in a boutique hotel is a costly affair but these hotels are worth every penny that you spent because of the amenities and the hospitality that they offer make them stand out of the crowd.

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