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The FBomb Paperweight Desk Accessory


The F-Bomb…Yup, I said it…well, kind of.

I wish I had known about this F-Bomb Paperweight last year when I did my holiday gift guide for the Herman Miller blog because I’ve already bought it for one person as a gift, and I can think of a few more that would really appreciate it.  The F-bomb paperweight is a pretty unique gift, and besides the cool-factor, I love the fact that each one is unique, they are made from scrap metal and hand made so no one F-Bomb is the same as another.


The F-Bomb in Hand for Size Comparison

I know that some folks out there don’t like the hand I wanted to include it here anyway to show a comparative size for everyone.  The F-Bomb paperweight measures 4.5 inches high (including the fuse) and has a 2.5 inch diameter.  The impressive thing about it is the heft that it has, weighing in at just about 25 ounces.  Seeing how the main body of the F-Bomb is a solid ball of stainless steel, it isn’t surprising that it weighs that much.  Besides being a good paperweight, this thing might just be the ultimate self defense projectile for you in the office if a cube-neighbor gets out of hand.  Overall, the quality of the F-bomb paperweight is just fantastic too, the materials are all very solid and put together nicely.


The F-Bomb Bottom View

On a more practical note, the F-Bomb is nicely polished with a flat bottom so that it does not roll around, and also the base of the letter “f” also serves as a good stabilizer for the entire thing.  One other thing of note is that the braided metal cable that makes up the fuse of the F-Bomb does bend a bit and is flexible, but it does not retain whatever shape you bend it to, so its pretty much going to be a straight up and down look as you see here, unless you have some metal working skills that can permanently bend an angle into it.  One of the other nice things about the F-Bomb is that it is totally hand made here in the United States…in Utah to be specific, so you are supporting an American artist and craftsman if you pick up one of these.

Summing up the F-Bomb Paperweight

Anyway, I’m a pretty big fan of the  F-Bomb Paperweight if you can’t already tell, and I can tell you that the person I got it as a gift for really seemed to like it.  If you do buy one of these as a gift though, I offer you two warnings:

1) Make sure the person you buy it for has a good sense of humor.

2) Make sure they don’t have plans to travel with it, as I would expect this would cause some serious issues with our TSA friends next time your gift recipient flies. 🙂

If you want to learn more about the artist Fred Conlon check out this video.  He seems like a really cool and down to earth guy, which makes buying one of these even more appealing.  Its nice knowing that the money is going to someone who works hard, deserves it, and seems to be doing something that he truly enjoys.

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