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The fascination of cartier jewellery

  • By almaLouie Louie
  • Published 12/19/2010
  • Non-Fiction

The brief history of Cartier jewelry  Looking  back to the origin of Cartier jewelry means recalling the  vicissitudinous history of modern jewels. During the progress of  development, Cartier, a time-honored jeweler,  used to keep close contact and deep relationships with numerous  celebrities and the imperial families of various countries. Therefore,  it has once been called the jeweler that belongs to the emperor. Over  the past one hundred year, thanks to its extraordinary creativity and  perfect handicrafts, Cartier has won high reputation in the world  market. It provides people with so many exquisite and unparalleled works that it is praised as the king of the jewelry. Furthermore,  every work of Cartier is an art treasure with historical value,  transmitting the charm of art to every corner of the world, which makes  great contribution to the art exchange of different culture.  The features of Cartier Jewelry  As one of the luxurious brands with the most honors, Cartier has a distinctive style in design. It always has its unique design theme. Cartier requires  classic aesthetics as well as contemporary spirit to show its modernity  so as to be accepted by modern people. What the Cartier pursues is to  make the verve of arts fit the characteristic of its age. Cartier emphasizes that the beauty of goodness lies in the  perfect manifestation of the exquisite smooth lines and bright colors,  and that the real beauty depends on simplicity and harmony instead of  complexity and conflict. Classical designs of Cartier jewelry  

Trinity ring, one of the most renowned rings in the  world, is a piece of jewelry based on thre

e different bands out of  platinum, rose gold and gold. As the brand mark of Cartier jewelry,  Trinity ring signifies a legend which combines friendship (the platinum  band), loyalty (the gold band) and love (the rose gold band). It is such  a distinctive and innovative design that it perfectly displays the  brand essence of Cartier, blending French elegance and classicism.The  Love Bracelet was Cipullo’s interpretation of the Chastity Belt.  Cipullo designed a two piece bracelet that bolts together around the  wrist. It comes with a tiny screwdriver to take it on and off,  symbolizing a “locked up,” committed relationship. What’s more, the Love  Bracelet impresses people with not only the beauty of love and fidelity, but also the power of respect and confidence. It is really a perfect gift to express your deep love for someone.  The  elegant jaguar is an legendary animal to Cartier. With the peculiar  image of jaguar, Cartier creates a series of gorgeous jewels. The Panthère de Cartier is gifted with engaging and elegant temperament, which reveals the wild side as well as the docile side of jaguar. And meanwhile, depict the female having  an iron hand in a velvet glove by a special way. It consummately set  off the magnificent and delicate peculiarity of Cartier jewelry.  The magic of Cartier jewelry at fashion party  

As  is stated above, Cartier has a long history being a fondness of the  uppertendom. The outstanding specialties, unique designs, colorful  styles, resplendent appearances and meaningful originality all together  make Cartier jewelry play an superior role at fashion party. It  is really an sumptuous dream for global fashionable personages, who has  been profoundly attracted by the glamour of Cartier jewelry. Pursue for  Cartier jewelry—pursue for high quality of life!



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