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The fashion and unique winter coat is a essential item

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/7/2012

The series of Korean clothing is a very popular single item in this winter, especially the Korean padded jacket lapel style padded jacket. Today our wholesale Korean fashion online shop will introduce 8 kinds of lapel padded coat, and you will choose the suitable clothing in winter. Now you should have a fashion items in wholesale-korean-fashion.com.

Large lapel style Korean padded, warm lapel, giving super warm, lovely feeling. So a thermal performance, design and very stylish winter clothes padded jacket, you should hurry incorporated into the closet. And also very good with this style of padded, with sweaters skirts very pretty remarkable temperament.

Lemon yellow padded jacket, vibrant, gives a very vibrant feel. The network model with a casual sporty sweater to wear, very vitality .Pants leggings match the gray and black wave, very playful.

This is a short paragraph lapel cotton jacket, with a long sweater to wear, it was thin Oh! Not only highlight the waist line, and reflects the perfect body for young girls. Pants match leggings to wear more Slim was thin it.

This uniform wind lapel padded jacket, style handsome oh! If you want to go the route personalized wind dressing girls in winter, you can choose the this type Mianfu. Simple with a turtle neck, very fashion!

Short of the blue-green lapel coat, collar edge of the black leather stitching design, inserted a little taste of handsome design and workmanship are very fine, oh! Match leopard scarf, gray and black culottes, so sweet and sexy winter with the girls can learn.

In fact padded tights with a short paragraph, tide. Short padded winter wear is not significant fat, coupled with the effect of self-cultivation excellent tight jeans, fashionable, and was thin.

Solid color padded inside the ride the style lovely little primer shirt, so the overall mix looks not so monotonous, giving a pure sweet sense.

This European winter fashion woolen thickened coat than ordinary styles, especially those breasted drawstring design, which is very classic simplicity. You can wear a skirt with the coat, which let you become sweet and stylish in our wholesale fashion shoes online shop.


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