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The fashion jewelry in winter

  • By Derrick Stickney
  • Published 06/2/2011
  • Fiction

Brilliant colors, unique design jewelry become this season the latest design. The Fashionable people, in this cold season, the choice of jewelry should also follow this principle.  Here I recommend you look at Best Buy in winter fashion jewelry bar. J. Crew metal hand ring, the absolute eye-catching bright colors, color match, trimmed with gold-colored metal cane, very delicate work, very stylish, avant-garde. For the dull winter adds a colorful and beautifulscenery. Banana Republic gold-plated brass metal necklace, simple design, generous, small metal ring to a rectangular oval metal ring strung together, emitting a frugal gorgeous temperament. Simple and generous fit, and a variety of clothing can be free to mix, very stylish, avant-garde. Rachel Leigh has always been favored by the stars of the brand, this silver diamond ring, can be described as extremely bright, multi-diamond pieces of mosaic, make it either indoors or outdoors are shining, is definitely the most eye-catching jewelry, the distribution of noble,gorgeous color. Justin Giunta’s subversion of the traditional necklace is definitely enough to give you a visual impact, unique design, exquisite workmanship, making the entire section necklace has an alternative, avant-garde fashion style. Chanel necklace, a simple thin chain coupled with bright color icons, to create a simple, innovative new fashion. Fashion is the first in a given period of time by a few people to try, that was pre-advocates and the general public will follow the life style. Many people will be compared with the popular fashion, is not the case. In short, fashion can be popular, but the scope is very limited, if popular, that there is fashion to you? Fashion is an “art”.In short, you want to walk in the forefront of fashion is necessary to have a pair of eyes can find beautiful. Our life is colorful, we need to find beauty in life.I hope all friends can be found under their own world. b71c485f6623abdb9dba1aab09659a97-4453825

Self-confidence, optimism

by Derrick Stickney



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