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The fashionable combination of belts and attire

  • By Kathy Serrano
  • Published 01/18/2011
  • Poetry

As for many people who have a sensitive sense of fashion, belts would be the most common accessories to combine with the attire. Variety kinds of materials, styles and colors can interpret different kinds of fashions. Then, how to choose a unique belt to go with your attire? From the materials and the colors, you can have a compare. As for the belts, the materials are very important. Nowadays, the cotton and the flax belts are hot. More and more designers and fashion-leaders pay heed to the environment-friendly materials. Those materials are soft and comfortable, and are easy to go with the attires of pastoralism and Bohemia. When a pastoral style dress goes with a hand-made cotton knitted belt, the wonderful figures of girls would be perfectly embodied. While, maybe leather is the most common material for belts. A shiny leather belt is cool, and it can be well combined with jeans and hot pants, which would be very sexy and eye-catching. The cow leather belts are retro and almighty, and they can go with dress, windbreaker or pants. As for the colors of the belts, we all know that the combination of black and white is a much safer combination. Therefore, black belts are very popular, and they nearly can go with all the attires. What’s more, black belts can make your waist seemed much thinner. Except black, buff is also hot nowadays, and it can be well engaged with cotton T-shirts and chiffon dresses. It can well echo with different materials and make the whole attire seemed harmonious. When you want to be exotic, the Bohemia long dress would be your first choice, but most of the dresses are lack of waist lines, which would make you seemed a little fat, but when combine it with a brown hand-made knitted belt, you would be full of charm. Though, black, brown and buff are safe for the combination, but a wet shining belt of bright color can make you much stunning. Red, yellow and pink are all eye-catching colors that need trying. Different belts of variety styles go with different attires, sometimes, it is just the belt that provides striking key points of the whole attire. The belts can highlight your tempting figure and bring a unique visual effect. What’s more, it can make common attire seemed outstanding. Therefore, choose a proper belt to go with your attire, and lead the fashion trend.



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