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The Fastest Way to Get Your Storyboards in Front of a Big Audience

  • By Joy Davenport
  • Published 03/15/2010
  • Screenplay

If you used digital storyboards in the past,you will be able to benefit from every single feature to achieve an individual’s ideas out to the suitable people. Polishing your storyboarding process may be the very primary, essential stage towards getting the word out and about to a larger audience. There’s a storyboard program that’s easier than ever to show off your work and offers so many benefits, including the ability to print your storyboards then export them as graphic files or even a Flash movie. Today’s digital software helps make sharing your ideas into action so simple and cost-effective. The program offers a new, script-integrated page layout that gives you script formatting with thumbnail shots. Heading viral with your project suggestions and placing them in front of the people who matter most could very simple.

Another feature is the Flash video that lets you play back partially-completed or finished storyboards locally, or on the Internet. Exporting HTML code can now very simple and project dimensions that will help you to pla

y your storyboards back at full frame. Plus, you can modify your storyboards for various media options like iPhone and other electronic gadgets. Among the essential features of digital storyboard software is its capability to eliminate the artist from the equation. By providing a wide variety of pre-loaded special effects, props, and characters, you can now prevent costly outsourcing of artists and the crisis it so often brings with it for the rest of your life. Using new digital program enhances your productivity instead of countless meeting with artist.

The familiarity and user-friendliness of the programs you know gives you, the director, with a much more pleasant and smooth storyboarding experience. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to import a wide array of photos and text right into your digital storyboards. Dragging and dropping your storyboards is so easy and you can do exactly where you want to place them and then upload your scheduling data and script information. Typing in the caption of the screen is also possible. This sort of user-friendly interface makes it possible for a lot more creativity in lesser time.


Storyboarding helps Film Makers create Storyboards in less time for much less money. Choose only a digital storyboard program that provides all you need to create a great motion picture. Learn more about Storyboard Templates, and more benefits of storyboard program.

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by Joy Davenport



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