The Five Best Beaches In Hawaii

From live volcanoes to deep sea fishing, there are almost as many reasons to go to Hawaii as there are people that travel there every year. By far the most popular feature travelers to Hawaii seek out each season though are the beaches of this island paradise. While there are stunning waterfalls and fascinating historical sites on the islands too, not much compares to the fabulous beaches available in the fiftieth state in the United States of America. When it comes to beaches, there are a number of different traits that are valued above others by many different people, here though are the five best beaches in Hawaii.

1. Punaluu Beach

Located on the Big Island, the first thing that jumps out at visitors to Punaluu Beach is the color of the sand. It isn’t every day that people run across a natural black sand beach. One of the nicest beaches in the area for both swimming and snorkeling, Punaluu Beach is home to many experiences that are uniquely Hawaiian. Humans aren’t the only ones who frequent the shores of Punaluu Beach, it is also a popular location for Green Sea Turtles to come upon the shore and bask in the sun. There is a rumor that those that remove the volcanic rock that makes up the beach as a souvenir will be cursed by Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, so those visiting the area should be satisfied with leaving with only their memories of one of the most beautifully unique beaches in Hawaii.

2. Lanikai Beach

Located on Oahu, one visit to Lanikai Beach and it is easy to see why many visitors to the beach, both vacationers as well as locals, consider it to be one of the best beaches for swimming in all of Hawaii. The beach is very small by international attraction standards, measuring in at only half a mile in length. One of the features that keeps many people away from Lanikai Beach is the fact that because it is located in a residential neighborhood, there are no parking lots or restrooms. The beach is well worth the effort it takes to get there though, as proven by the many people that flock to it on a regular basis, including professional models on actual photo shoots.

3. Poipu Beach Park

Resting on the southern shore of Kaua’i, Poipu Beach Park has long made many best beach lists, not just of beaches in Hawaii either, but of beaches in the entire world. There is both the classic sandy beach area for visitors to play on as well as a large grassy park area as well. The palm trees in the area provide great shade as well as atmosphere for anyone lucky enough to spend time on this little sandy stretch of heaven. With snorkeling, swimming and surfing all available at Poipu Beach Park, there is more than enough to do to keep nearly every vacationer interested. There is also plenty opportunity for good old fashioned relaxing in the sun and watching people too.

4. Hanauma Bay

Situated on Oahu, Hanauma Bay is one beach that should definitely not be missed, especially by anyone interested in doing some great snorkeling. The bay does have restrictions as far as how many visitors are allowed into it per day, so it does take a little foresight in the vacation planning of a traveler to ensure that they will be able to experience this clear blue treasure. The bay is almost perfectly circular and contains an amazing amount of marine life.

5. Wailea Beach

Another great beach located on Maui, Wailea Beach has been a favorite among tourists and locals alike for decades. This is the classic Hawaiian beach which serves well as a place of relaxation as well as a great site for offshore outdoor recreation like swimming, snorkeling and body surfing. A visit to Wailea Beach is said by many to be a must for anyone who travels to the island of Maui. This particular beach is much more visitor friendly than some of the other beaches in the area.

While many claim that it is hard to go wrong with a visit to any of the beaches in Hawaii, it must also be said that certain beaches cater to visitors much better than others. Some beaches slope to their maximum depth too quickly to be considered safe for children, some are a little more rocky than others and some are over-crowded. Few people visit Hawaii though and are disappointed for any reason after a visit to one of these five must-visit beaches.


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