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The Giving Notes Tree Stump Sticky Notes


The Giving Notes Tree Stump Sticky Notes Package

Normally I tend to stay away from items that I consider “novelty” type office supplies, but when I saw The Giving Notes on the Jetpens website, I thought they looked really cool and unique so I figured I’d give them a try.  This is another item that was sent to us compliemnts of Jetpens, so a big thanks to them for their generosity.


The Giving Notes Tree Stump Sticky Notes Unattached

The Giving Notes are basically a set of sticky notes that look like the cross section of a tree, and they use a plastic (slightly more rubbery) tree stump as the dispenser.  The back side of these sticky notes have about a 1/3″ arc of adhesive on the back topside of each sheet, and that is also how the pads stick to the tree stump dispenser.


The Giving Notes Tree Stump Sticky Notes

When the pad and dispenser are put together it looks pretty cool.  The bottom of the tree stump is slightly rubbery so it wont slide really easily on your desk, but it does tend to move around a bit.


The Giving Notes Tree Stump Sticky Notes Page Curling

As I said, these are really more of a novelty than a practical sticky note solution, but they are definitely a bit different and cool.  I did find that with such a small surface (about (2.3″) and sitting on the elevated tree stump, they can be ab it difficult to write on, and they also suffer from the curling issue that you see with a lot of sticky notes unless you are very deliberate about peeling them off carefully.  Anyway, I just thought these would be fun to share with everyone.  If you are looking for a pretty unique sticky note solution, The Giving Notes and refill pads are certainly a good way to go because I’m sure you will probably be the only one in your office with these on your desk.

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