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The Grey: Live or Die

  • By Zetasler you
  • Published 12/25/2012

The thrilling and horrible movies, like Piranha and Jaws, will surely make you feel excited and breathtaking. Certainly, the fans of horror film enjoy this kind of feeling. We believe the new movie The Grey released in this year will meet your taste if you are a fan of horror movie. No ghost story and no 101 Dalmatians dvd mutant race, it is a survival war between human and nature – the wild wolf. The Grey is an adventure film discovering the survival in the wild. Because of an aeroplane accident, a team of oil driller has to confront the extreme situation in Alaska and a group of hungry wild wolf. They have to fight for survival.

The Grey begins with a catastrophe. The energy resource is run out and the world’s economy is out of order. The United States decides to send an oil drilling team to find the only oil resource left in the world. This team is formed by some P90X Workout dvd criminals from a

ll over the world. Ottway, who is one of members in the team, is a hunter. He is responsible for hunting the wolf to protect the other members. But unexpectedly, their aeroplane crashes in Alaska. When he is awakes, he finds that he is in a snowing ice field. Along with other six survivals, Ottway has to fight with the extreme situation and wait to be rescued at the same time. Nevertheless, in this mysterious ice field, there are many fierce Arctic wolves. Coveting the tasty blood, a large group of gray wolf is coming…

Characterized by the extreme situation and the fierce gray wolves, this is an exciting survival epic. The Grey has brought a lively show of the beauty of the cruel natural world. The whole story is amazing thanks to its sense of reality. The courage, power and Family Guy dvd box set the human weakness during the fighting between the human and the animals, all of these are so authentic to touch you. As a horror movie, the bloody scenes are necessary to excite the fans. With the perfect performances and the thrilling visual effect, The Grey can undoubtedly take your breath.


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