The Higher Purpose of Homework

Teens may view homework simply as a teachers’ tool to make their lives difficult but home work does play a vital role in one’s education and attitude-formation. Relaying the higher purpose of homework to students would most likely result in motivating them to love the work and spend time to complete their home work on a regular basis. It is also the teachers’ responsibility to ensure that the types of assignments they give are strategic in a way that fulfills attitude and skill building for their students.

Homework builds the value of self-discipline in a person. Away from the constricting school environment where one is mandated by a teacher to complete tasks, taking time to finish homework is a sign of a strong self-discipline as it denotes sacrificing another activity in exchange for time spent on boring school work.

Time-management is another skill mastered by those who make it a point to finish to finish their homework and can still maintain a good balance of their life with extra-curricular activities or personal hobbies. Time-management is a vital skill in adult life and starting the habit early on is a big plus.

Spending time on homework and focusing on the task ahead is very difficult considering all the distractions of high school life. Being able to flush out all the noise to do school work has a big impact in the formation of students’ skill to concentrate and focus on the task ahead. A vital practice for all employees!

Most homework are designed to give a more in-depth knowledge of a lesson to students in a way that the teachers will not be able to incorporate. Aside from learning more about a certain topic, the students will also get to practice the value of resourcefulness in searching for answers – be it in the library, the internet or a network. This would also practice students to be more independent in searching for knowledge instead of having to be “spoon-fed” by the school. The drive to look more into a topic is a practice to be pro-active which a major factor in the corporate world.

Another important skill developed from homework is being organized. One will need to juggle various subjects, research materials and field work aside from tracking down the different homework deadlines. To survive, students have no other option but to practice their organizational skills. That is another strong value that would win points in applying for a future job.

Home work has a great impact in a person. The habits and skills practiced and developed by constantly doing homework builds up a good attitude that is useful in “the real world.” The effects of homework is not instantly felt by students and as homework is immediately and willingly forgotten as soon as one steps out of the university, it most probably will never occur to students to credit good habits and skills to home work. What they do not know is that home work is a tool of the education system that helps them develop and master valuable skills early on.


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