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The history information about the A.lange & sohne that you should know

  • By hu lauren
  • Published 09/15/2012

In 1830, 15-year-old Adolf Lange was to be the watches apprentice. He has traveled to Europe to learn watchmaking skills, and follow the master of the top watch brands Breguet attend a four-year. In 1842, he received the master watchmaker certificate. In 1845, Adolph Lange employed 15 artisans set up their own watch workshop in the home Glashutte near Dresden, Germany, that is the production of Lange brand watches. In 1868, Lange watch useed the  official name “A. Lange & Sohne”.After 19th century 30 years and the early 20th century is the first glorious period of the Lange watch. In Germany, this watch boutique was favored by royalty and celebrities, and even Kaiser Wilhelm II, Lange customized the best pocket watch, a gift to the monarch of the other countries. In 1908, a Lange pocket watch sold 4930 gold marks price, the price was able to buy two houses.

In 2000,Lange to joined the world-renowned luxury group – the Richemont Group, which employs more than 400 workers in the

production centers of Germany. The past 10 years, the Lange watch rebirth, its unmatched superior technique, the Germanic peoples play to the extreme in the machinery industry rigor and outstanding . Focus on design and trends, the German watch has always been to focus on R & D, and the design is relatively simple, classic style with a Swiss watch. Production characteristics of the Lange watch is also rigorous and precise, simple and delicate. As Walter Lange’s words: “Lange is a typical German-made ​​watch, it is not a fancy way of expression, but it is a traditional and sophisticated art of watch.”

The Lange watch, each one was made by the hand-carved, polished artificial production at least six months, generally 8-10 months. In order to ensure its rarity, Lange only build mechanical watch, only produce the precious metal case watches, and only use the self-made movement, and locked only a few agents. Nowadays,the annual production of Lange watch was only a few thousand, the output of the famous world brand watches is the least.


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