The Hottest Halloween Costumes for 2009


Authored by Sylvia Cochran in Holidays 
Published on 09-17-2009

Finding the hottest Halloween costumes for 2009 is not hard, as long as you take your clues from the very popular movies and teen books of the year. It is interesting to note that some standbys are also ranking high this year, in part because of recent entertainment news events and subsequent celebrity gossip.

Michael Jackson and the Thriller Crew

When Michael Jackson released his “Thriller” video, a legion of Halloween costumes was inspired. It is the death of the pop star that now transports them – and also Jackson lookalike paraphernalia – into the realms of the hottest Halloween costumes for 2009. The red jacket and matching pants are a must, as is the careful application of makeup, which makes or breaks these costumes. It is interesting to note that the Thriller crew costumes are easy to make at home, simply by “aging” a dress or suit.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe

Another one of the hottest Halloween costumes for 2009 revolves around the tale of the boy wizard Harry Potter. This is a unisex costume setup, which offers added versatility to the getup. A long robe with the Gryffindor emblem is the main piece of the costume. It sports the telltale burgundy coloring accents and also features a hood and clasp. Accessorize the costume with a polo shirt and burgundy striped tie or Harry Potter scarf, round glass frames, and also a wand and you are ready for the party!

Star Trek Inspired Costumes

Star Trek underwent a number of remakes, sequels and prequels, and the fascination with Captain Kirk and his crew leads to the original bridge wear now turning into some of the hottest Halloween costumes for 2009. Women’s costumes consist of a one piece dress with long sleeves that reaches to mid thigh. It features a black neckline and is made from red or blue fabric. On the upper left side is the Federation insignia. Knee high black boots round out this ensemble.

Men wear an ochre or blue long sleeved top with a black V neckline and Star Trek emblem on the left side. Black pants and black boots complete the costume. Accessorize this outfit with a Spock wig and ears for the best results. Practice the standard Vulcan greeting and wish other party goers to “live long and prosper.”

Elvis is not Dead

Believe it or not, the death of Michael Jackson and the likening of the attention this event received to that the King of Rock ‘n Roll, have led to Elvis costumes once again claiming their rightful place among the hottest Halloween costumes for 2009. The gold lame suit in particular is a hot item this year. It hearkens back to a slim and trim Elvis appearing in 1957 with his trademark hair, sneer, and moving pelvis. Accessorize the outfit with black shoes and a black shirt, and also work on your coif. Do not add Elvis’ signature glasses or sideburns, since these belong to a different era and will identify you as an outsider when it comes to knowing all things Elvis.


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