The Hottest Luggage For 2009

The hottest luggage for 2009 are items that are convenient, within size requirements in accordance with airline policies, and more often than not made of leather as it is typically more durable than its counterparts. In this article I will point out the hottest luggage trends of 2009 and explain just what it is that makes them so hot. From value, to accessibility, to performance these are the hottest luggage items for 2009.

For convenience, some of the hottest luggage for 2009 features wheels. From wheeled briefcases, to larger luggage pieces, even wardrobe cases, the hottest luggage for 2009 bears wheels. Wheeled luggage can make getting through the airport and to your gate much quicker and is far easier on your back. It is no wonder why airline personnel don these items.

With the new size requirements placed on luggage, messenger bags are some of the hottest luggage items for 2009. They are available in many different styles from trendy to conservative and can be found in an assortment of materials including weather repellent nylon and leather.

Duffel bags have emerged once again as a luggage staple. While typically fitting within the 45 inch requirement for carryons, duffel bags are a great alternative to otherwise bulky luggage. Duffel bags are one of the hottest luggage styles for 2009 for their versatility and their price point falling on the less expensive end of the price spectrum.

Backpacks have been used for travel for quite some time. They are easy to transport, have an ample amount of space for a carryon and are very easily accessible. Backpacks are one of the hottest luggage items for 2009 for these factors.

Leather is timeless and leather luggage is no different. Some of the hottest luggage for 2009 is made in leather. Leather is weather resistant, durable, and stylish. From duffel bags and backpacks to messenger bags, they can all found in styles made of leather.

Fashion is everywhere and the travel world is no different. Designers such as Betsey Johnson, Tokidoki, Coach, Tumi, and Diane Von Furstenberg produce some of the hottest designer luggage for 2009. Discounted designer luggage can be found online from retailers such as Amazon.com, and of course the old standby-EBay.

The hottest luggage for 2009 is based on functionality and convenience while keeping within a low to moderate price point. Luggage, while it is nice to be aesthetically pleasing is more importantly needed to serve its purpose. While some of the items on this list may not fall into the aesthetically pleasing category it is definitely qualified as some of the hottest luggage of 2009 for the other aforementioned qualities.


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