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The Hottest Rose Necklace collection

  • By gucciwallet gucciwallet
  • Published 10/20/2011

Rose, the forever love topic is also taken as splendid embellishment to accessories, for example, necklaces. Being obsessed with various kinds of charming necklaces for such a long time, I still can’t stop talking about this topic. But now, something new to you – the rose necklaces! I love rose, I love necklaces, and so rose necklaces are things that I really can’t refuse. Roses in different colors and different fabrics are spotted on the necklace to show more feminine beauty and grace. Just image wearing such charming necklace on your neck, how outstanding you will be! Maybe the most common design of this necklace style is with a rose pendant which would lie in the middle place of your neck. The little pendant will work best to decorate your neck and even your whole image.   With a handmade ceramic pink rose pendant, the 18″ necklace is so unique and impressive. Take a close look at the necklace, and you may see that the rose pendant comes on a necklace of pink faceted rose quartz with sterling silver tone bead caps and heart toggle clasp. Certainly, if you match this necklace with the fine cute pearl earrings, you would be gorgeous!   Another rose necklace is designed in this way, you can it is actually a combination of small roses, yes? In this way, the roses are usually small and delicate. The whole necklace is just a floral magic which appeals gals with great charm and beauty. Some unique design may be more welcomed by gals who like to be different. Rose is designed as a side embellishment to the whole necklace. Just like the picture shows to us. In this necklace design, the rose is usually designed larger and more outstanding, and it is the focus of the whole necklace. Different materials have been adopted in the design of rose necklace, such as crystal, gold, silver and gemstones. Here, some made of gems will be presented providing you some diversified tastes. This is a gorgeous rose necklace made of jade. Featuring Polymer clay with antiqued gold glass beads and hand-wrought wire clasp, the necklace will enable you to experience the very retro style of necklace. The roses on the necklace and that on the earrings are  a perfect match to each other. Choose your own style and decorate yourself with the lovely rose necklace! nopicture-6329946

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