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The huge commercial values of diamonds

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 12/2/2010
  • Satire

The commercial value means a product¡¯s economic value during its production, consumption and transaction and is usually expressed and measured by the unit of currency. The commercial value is a concept different from market value. And compared with a product¡¯s original value, the concept of commercial value is narrower in extent.Diamonds twine feminine dreams like cirri and stand for the commitments and protections needed by all the women. A perfect proposal is supposed to be filled with romance whose creation is closely related to a bunch of red roses and a diamond ring. Besides, diamonds are the evidences which make the hearts of women throb as well as the witnesses of their happy marriages. By their rareness and rarity, diamonds turn to be the greatest love of women and the absolutely indispensable portions. So I may say that diamonds have a great commercial value in our daily life.

As a kind of costly accouterments in the upper-class society, diamonds are enjoying the continuing love affair with many males and females from different classes. Diamonds have been regarded as the symbols of dig

nity, power, status and royalty for time immemorial. People of quality in ancient times were fond of wearing diamond jewelry to show their noble statuses. Now in our modern society, though the class consciousness has vanished, the men of great possessions are still the confirmed admires of diamonds. Thus it can be seen that the diamonds¡¯ commercial value in the society is above suspicion.

Lastly, in the interpersonal exchanges, diamonds still play the role of bridge, engrafting both parts¡¯ trusts and supports. For instance, when dealing with someone, you will be considered generous if a five-carat diamond is sent to the other party as a present. Accordingly, transaction will be destined to be completed successfully. While by contraries, the result may be not very satisfactory if you present a suit of comparatively expensive clothes to your transaction object. And this is one of reasons why diamonds have won its popularity in the society. And this is diamonds¡¯ commercial values in human communication. Since the expert competence of communication is the basic quality of the successful people, diamonds¡¯ commercial value has to be given heed.



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