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The importance of chic handbags to a young lady

  • By adVFDV jackAVVG
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Fiction

There is a saying that to see a man’s watch and a woman’s handbag to judge his/her reputation. Most people believe a man’s watch and a woman’s handbag can stand for the personality, reputation and taste of him/her. We can see the importance of the handbag to women from this opinion. Firstly, we can judge the consumption taste of a young lady from her handbag. A lady having a LV handbag with her must be of high consumption taste. When she walks into an office or an emporium, the assistants must give her good service, and may introduce top-grade consumables. Secondly, a handbag would to some extend represent her economic strength. A chic leather handbag will stand for a young lady’s relatively well living standard. However, if a lady is wearing a cheap lie follow bag, she may be looked down when walking into some high-grade places. Last but not least, a chic handbag will raise a young lady’s reputation. If you are wearing a chic handbag walking in the street, you will feel that people all look upon you, which give you confidence and cheerful emotion. That will in turn make profits on your career and may earn more money to buy better stuffs. What I want to say is that a chic handbag will be very important to a modern young lady for the three reasons above. Some ladies may think it is not worthwhile to buy a chic handbag because it may be very expensive. However, in my opinion, a chic will definitely cost you some money, but it will in turn give you confidence and opportunities to earn much more money. It equals to a kind of investment, not only on your career and your salary, but also an investment on your self-confidence and your further happiness.You can easily get much cheaper price of -Gucci handbags on sale by buying at this extremely nice website -http://www.bestbagsbuy.ru. Please don’t hesitate to drop your comments on the post to let the author know your feeling.



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