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The Importance of Giving Publishers What They Want

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Publishers have the knowledge and experience to know what is effective. They know what attracts readers, what draws them back to a particular website and what methods work best to get high search engine ranking. Writers must understand the importance of giving publishers what they want. Editors and publishers are the only ones between you and your readers. Develop a good relationship with a publisher and they will publish articles again from you in the future. Publishers are always looking for solid writers. Website owners often choose article marketing as a way to advertise their product or site. If you submit articles to a directory to promote your site, give publishers exactly what they want. Know what publishers want before you even start writing an article. When you use article marketing to promote your site on the Internet, you are asking thousands of publishers to accept your work. It is hard to know what to write that would please so many publishers at once. These are some basic rules to follow that give publishers what they want: * Don’t load your articles with links to your own website. Save your personal links for the author box. * Write clear, concise articles and avoid using big words for show. * Break your articles down into subcategories. Use bolded subtitles and bulleted lists to make your articles more reader and publisher friendly.

* Carefully edit your own articles before submitting them. Careless mistakes, like misspellings a

nd poor grammar structure, are often the reason publishers reject articles. * Provide unique content. All of your articles need to be written from scratch with a few key words in mind. Copying an article and changing a few words or sentences is unacceptable. * Give publishers a good teaser in the description field. A publisher’s job is to attract readers and a good teaser will do just that. * Give your article a good title with important keywords. A title can make or break your article. Make sure that readers would be able to find your article on the Internet and would click on your article based on the title alone. * Use short paragraphs and sentences. Web writing is a little different than print writing. Articles have to be easy to read and relatively short. The ideal article for the Internet is between 400 and 750 words. * Write your article using simple language that all readers will likely understand. Publishers want articles that are easy to understand so they appeal to a larger audience. Web-based articles are designed for a quick read and big fancy words only slow down the process. * Include facts and quotes in your articles. Publishers want to know that what you’re saying is factual. Anytime you backup your opinions or you make points with experts, testimonials or proven facts, it is a really helpful.

These tips prepare your articles to give thousands of publishers what they want. Your goal should be to reach as many publishers as possible to promote your site. It’s helpful to devise your own personal checklist to apply to each article before you submit them to article directories.



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