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The Importance of Press Release Writing

  • By Jason Kay
  • Published 01/20/2011
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When it comes to making your business a success and effectively notifying the consumer of your product, service or simply the existence of your business; a thorough and well planned marketing plan is essential. The methods used to market a business will differ depending on your niche, your target market and what area/s of your business you wish to market. In terms of marketing literature, a press release is a vital piece of documentation that can be used in order to effectively promote or advertise a product, event or your company, which makes it a vital piece of any marketing strategy. A press release can act as a platform in which your company or business can attempt to establish its identity firmly to the consumer. Due to its purpose, a press release must be written in a manner which reflects your intended message and company, meaning that every word chosen should be done so carefully and meticulously. Just as choosing the correct methods of marketing a business is important, so is the way in which these marketing materials are executed. The Start Matters: Your intended target market is unlikely to be compelled to read your press release and absorb your content at a first glance. In order for the consumer to be interested in the fundamentals of your press release, you need to create intrigue and interest in your content. When drafting your press release, you want to first and foremost, only incorporate the most significant information and do this in an interesting manner. This can be achieved through a bold first statement, some groundbreaking facts or simply a hard hitting real life story or experience which holds relevance to the remainder of your press release. This can help to really make an impact with the audience and give the piece some credibility and depth.

In order for your press release to be plausible, you should not opt to brazenly advertise your product or business through your press release. True, a press release is used for promotional purposes, but it is

also used as a way in which to inform the consumer on a specific matter whilst still effectively portraying your message. If written with this in mind, your press release will not only make the audience aware of your product/service/company, but will also be more likely to make them interested in any future press releases you make public. The Perspective that You Take: Whatever your intended message may be regarding the content of your press release, it is always advantageous to write the content from the perspective of your audience. Assuming yourself as a member of your target audience will help you to understand what pieces of information will be of interest to you, which will be merely wasted words and most importantly; whether the content is informative and compelling enough to the listener. When you complete your content from this perspective, your target audience can easily relate themselves to your content and viewpoint. This can also help to create a long lasting and effective impression within the mind of the consumer. However, it is also important to not flood your press release with too many facts or overly promotional taglines. You must respect the reader and smoothly blend in your facts in a presentable and attractive way-this is how putting yourself in the place of your audience can be most utilized. Simple and concise messages work for some products and types of businesses, whilst others may need to be purposefully descriptively. At times, your press release may be more effective and professional when completed by a professional. By opting to use a professional service, your press release will not only have a stronger impact, but will portray only the most important pieces of information in a clear, coherent and intriguing manner.

Professional press release writers will have the required experience to make your release convey your message in the best possible way. Although it can be increasingly difficult at times to find the ideal writing service for your press release requirements, once you have found the best service for you will allow you to concentrate on other important aspects of your marketing plans for your business.



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