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The importance of purchasing a gps navigator

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/12/2011
  • Writing

Please go to – for additional info about different types of -replica pens. Not long ago, a taxi from Baoding was carjacked by two gunmen. As is equipped with a GPS Navigator, the taxi was successfully intercepted and captured by the police in two hours. As we have learned, at 17: 20 on May 30th, the Baoding police station received a report that a local taxi was carjacked on the way to Tianjing and the taxi driver together with a passenger was badly hurt. As the taxi is equipped with a GPS Navigator, luckily, the police soon found its location in the GPS command center and then reported it to the Tianjing police station. Soon afterwards the taxi as well as the two robbers was finally intercepted and captured with the strong assistance of the Tianjing police; and the injured persons were rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. It’s hard to imagine what would take place if the taxi driver happened to have no GPS Navigator aside. Perhaps, both died. Therefore, it’s important and necessary for people especially the drivers to seriously pick out and purchase a GPS Navigator. I’m convinced that no one wishes to experience the same misfortune some day and truly it won’t happen to most people. However, to buy one will bring you greater security as well as be helpful to solve the problem brought by similar incidents. Moreover, a GPS Navigator is able to bring you greater convenience when you lose your way. Most drivers, as it were, know the ways of the city or country they live in very well. Even without it can they have a local map in their brains so that they can find the destinations not needing the slightest effort. If driving into a strange city or certain unfamiliar areas, however, they have to ask for directions here and there, which is not only inconvenient but also resultless sometimes. At this time, a GPS Navigator is the right one that can assist them to locate where they are and to find the best routes to their destinations in minimal time. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about the traffic jam for it has intelligently selected the most proper route from many others. In addition, it also applies to the travelers who are most likely to miss their way in the mountains or in the forests. Even with an experienced local tour guide, some travel groups are easy to lose themselves in the mountains which are noted for complex terrain and foggy weather or in the forests which are always ready to make them have no sense of direction. If being equipped with GPS Navigators, travelers don’t have to worry about getting lost even in foggy days or at night any more for they will timely update the travelers’ locations with the help of 24 satellites in high orbits around the Earth and accurately provide complete solutions to how to get out of the tough spot. What if you wonder where the nearest restaurant or bank about you is? Don’t worry for the GPS Navigator will give you a hand. Not only that, sites of any service system like hospitals, post offices, and super markets, etc, are available in it. What you should do is just to simply tap the screen with your finger several times and you will get the paths to your destinations. Actually, GPS Navigators not only shoulder heavy responsibility of navigation; what’s more, they have gradually turned into people’s constant “bodyguards”, protecting them on their way to work, their way to recreation, and their way home.


by Ronben Newbern



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