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The joy of comfort sarnies

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 01/31/2013

OK, so there are essentially an infinite amount of different sandwiches you could opt for if you’re feeling a bit peckish – the possibilities are literally endless. To this end, let me make it even more complicated for you by suggesting that I consider beans on toast to be an ‘open sandwich’ – and a delicious one at that! Because there are literally thousands of different sandwich ideas out there, it might seem unnecessary to throw another one in there (especially when it could be deemed as a bit contentious), but that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

So reason I bring all this up is because the one thing that I go straight to the kitchen for in times of comfort eating bliss is the classic beans and sausage on toast – it’s pretty much the perfect thing to combat the January blues. As the ingredients are essentially the method as well, I won’t patronise by going into tiny detail about how you heat up some beans and cook bread, but rather a couple of little things I do when rustling up this comfort classic.

For example, I always try to you a thick-cut granary loaf when using this dish as you get more bang for your buck. I also butter the two slices of bread with some good quality salted butter to for a little extra indulgence. When it comes to the sausages, I make sure they are a good quality Cumberland so that the final dish isn’t like the sausage and beans you get out of tins! Finally, when you’re heating the beans through, be sure to add a pinch of pepper and a knob of butter to make the velvety smooth and rich!

To finish, lovingly pour the beans over the buttered toast, cut up your cooked sausages into decent sized chunks and sprinkle over the top. A little bit of ketchup on the side to taste and enjoy!

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