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The jwlrymachine watch by mb&f and boucheron

  • By almaLouie Louie
  • Published 12/21/2010
  • Screenplay

MB& F recently teamed up with Boucheron and launched an exclusive HM3 Machine watch Max Busser, founder of MB&F, and Jean-Cristophe Bedos, President of Boucheron, both were happy about the watch’s release. The “Jwlry” in the title is short for “Jewelry”, and that is very creative since I have never seen jewelry can be shorted like that.Despite the name issue, I have to admit that this watch is fabulous. Based on MB&F’s iconic Horological Machine Number 3, Boecheron showcases its superb mastering in jewelry setting and and creating a unique timepiece. In another word, this watch is a perfect mixture of the strong points of both brands. As far as I know, many Boucheron watch are powered by Girard-Perregaux movements, while MB&F used to release some collaborative timepieces with other brands. As for this time, the cooperation brings a gorgeous watch.

The JwlryMachine Watch, fashioned from 18k gold and titanium, looks like an owl. The 18k white gold version is decorated with a large amount of purple stones,diamonds and sapphires, while the 18k pink gold version is matched with pink stones and diamonds. For those who love high-class innovative jewelry watches, this beautiful animal style watch by MB&F and Boucheron will be a pretty good choice. Given the creativity and the big amount of stones, the starting price tag at $195,000 is understandable. If you are able to afford that amount, you can order one. It is reported that this watch will be mainly available at Boucheron boutiques.



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