The Legend of Brett Favre Continues


Authored by Rodney Southern in American Football 
Published on 10-08-2009

Brett Favre has to be the most well known quarterback of our generation. He has set the majority of quarterback records, has won the Super Bowl, and amazingly has never missed a game during his close to eighteen year NFL career. Still, there are a great many people out there that do not give him his just due. They say that he is arrogant. They say that he is not team oriented. They say he is selfish. Lets take a closer look at these claims and see if they hold water.

First off, the claims that Brett Favre is an arrogant football player are one hundred percent true. He has to be to play the game of professional football at the quarterback position. If he does not believe in him, then his team will certainly not believe in him either. Arrogance is a quality that is needed to a degree when you are playing on that high of a level. It is not the type of arrogance that makes you cringe when they do an interview. It is the type of arrogance that makes them think they can bring back their team with only twenty seconds left on the clock, and fifty yards to get there.

As for Brett Favre not being team oriented, I say to simply look at his games played record. Over the course of his long career, Favre has played hurt repeatedly. I assure you that was not just for himself. His teammates will never say that Brett was not team oriented. The vast majority of them say that he is the consummate teammate and professional. The primary reason given for accusing Brett Favre of not being a good teammate is due to the whole retirement fiasco. The bottom line is the guy can still play, and he decided to come back and prove it a couple of times. What does that have to do with being a teammate? Ask the Vikings right about now how good of a teammate he is.

Finally, the accusations say that Brett is selfish. To be selfish means to only think of one’s self. The Vikings are and will be Adrian Peterson’s team. He is the leader, and that will not change with Brett in town. That has been proven already through four weeks of NFL play. If Brett was only interested in himself and his statistics, he would have gone to a passing team to play. The truth is, Brett Favre knew that the Vikings had an excellent chance of winning a Super Bowl. I guess one could call that selfish, but who would not want to go to a team that has a chance of winning? Does that make his detractors selfish too?

The truth is, Brett Favre is a world class quarterback that is down to his last few bullets. He decided to go out with a gun shooting blaze of glory, or a hail of bullets. Some cowboys just ride into the sunset, while others would rather go down shooting. Favre is not one to ride off quietly. That will either be a legend in the making, or it will mean that he goes down ugly. Regardless, he is doing it his own way. Hasn’t he earned that right after all these years?


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