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The lesson i learned from the loss of my cell phone

  • By shine lee
  • Published 12/8/2010
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The experience of getting a brand new cell phone is always exciting. Yet it may not be as exciting as you expected if you’re getting a new phone because your last one was stolen just after two months you bought it. Unfortunately, I happened to be that unlucky person. Right before New Year’s Day last year, my cell phone was stolen just outside my university. It was an afternoon. I was walking together with my friend along the path outside our university. For the convenience of taking it, I put my mobile phone, Anycall J808, in the front pocket of my coat with the strap laying out, thinking it would be safe around school. When I was talking to my friend, I felt a guy moving closer and closer to me, distracting my attention. I was just about to tell my friend about the strange guy when I felt a push from behind off my front pocket. It took me less than ten seconds to realize that my phone was stolen. Yet when I looked around, there was already no sign of any suspicious people. Perhaps stories like this are not new any more. Yet the loss of something always brings back something as compensation. In my case, I learnt how to protect cell phones from being stolen. The basic lesson I learned is that we should try to avoid putting straps on cell phones, for it will be easier for thieves to take away our phones with straps on. But if you are determined to put on straps, then try not to show the straps to others in public places, because it may arrest thieves’ attention and cause trouble to yourself. Many people, especially women, like to put cell phones in their bags. Comparing to the choice of putting them in pockets, this way seems to be safer. Yet not many of them ever paid attention to the zipper of the bag. Actually, it is very dangerous to let the zipper lock pointing backwards because it’s harder for you to notice if anyone unzipped it and takes your cell phone. This is not to say that it will be absolutely safe if you let the zipper lock pointing forwards. Skilled thieves can use needles to prick open the zipper without being noticed by you. Nevertheless, there is a higher possibility of safety if you take this advice. Let the zipper lock pointing forwards Always remember to avoid crowded and noisy places since the crowding situation and noise could become cover-ups for thieves to commit theft. But if you have to be in those places, for example, on the bus, you’d better always take heed of your bags where your cell phone lies. Pay special attention when the driver steps on the brakes. Never make or take phone calls on the bus, for when the bus comes to a stop, the thieves may grab your phone and get off quickly before you could do anything about it. One more thing, when you’re walking on sidewalks, put your bags to the side which is opposite of the roadway in order to prevent motor robbers. With the means of stealing getting more and more sophisticated, it seems impossible to defend effectively. However, if we are cautious enough to leave no chance to thieves, we can still protect our phones, as to other properties. Just remember one maxim: One can never be too careful. The writer of this article want to invite you to stay tuned to her social profile bagsbeauty to get the most updated information.

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