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The Levenger Thai Pad for Your Kindle, iPad or Books


The Levenger Thai Pad

I received this awesome little Levenger Thai Pad™ from Steve Leveen a few weeks ago, and have really been enjoying the comfort and convenience that it offers.  It is a great stand for an eReader like a Kindle, for a tablet such as an iPad, or even just for one of those old fashion books.  The soft exterior (available in multiple colors) is made from silk, which is stuffed with a nice light weight padding, and measures about 12″x12″x6″.


Levenger Thai Pad with Levenger Circa Jr Size Daily Planner and Pelikan M215

Initially I began using my Thai Pad as a stand for my Circa Daily Planner while working from home.  I normally have my planner propped up by my Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand while in the office, but obviously that is not something that I would bring back and forth from the office to my home.  Personally I really like this option better for working from home because  I tend to work from different areas, so it is nice to have this soft stand that I can put on anything from a desk to a coffee table to a couch with no worry of scratching any wood and knowing it will still remain stable wherever I place it.  The soft front portion of the pad where you see my pen resting acts as a very comfortable wrist rest when writing (or probably typing on your iPad too) and also has some sewn in ridges that will cushion your pen so it doesn’t roll off the edge.


Levenger Thai Pad With the Kindle

With the Thai Pad placed on your lap, and an eReader like the Kindle atop it, the Thai Pad really adds a bit of comfort to the whole reading experience.  Instead of being forced to continually hold onto the Kindle, it gives you the freedom to relax your hands and arms in a more natural position and also frees you up so you can enjoy a nice beverage while reading.  Whether laying on your back or stomach, or sitting at a desk, table, bed or couch, the Thai Pad really frees you up to find the most comfortable reading position for you.


Levenger Thai Pad With the Kindle Charger Tucked Away

I don’t know if the Thai Pad was designed this way on purpose, however I’ve taken to storing the power supply for my Kindle within the triangular segments that you see in the photo above.  As much as I enjoy having lots of cool technology to make my life easier, I do despise the number of cords and adapters that I need to have on hand, so it is nice to be able to stuff the cord in there and forget about it until I need it.

I have to say that this is an item that I probably would have passed over, but due to the generosity of Mr. Leveen, I now find myself with another Levenger product that I literally feel like I cant do without.  The Thai Pad is a great accessory to have around, and I am sure that it will make your life just a bit more convenient and comfortable if you are a reader or if you use any type of tablet .

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