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The magic of branded jewelry

  • By Jimmy H Greenberg
  • Published 12/20/2010
  • Article Writing

Nowadays,  fashion means a lot. Branded clothes and shoes can no longer express  thoroughly what fashion is. Accessories have become essential to  fashion. Branded jewelry is a good example. Many famous brands, such as  Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Tiffany have introduced their unique jewelry which has drawn people’s attention.Tiffany BroochTiffany  has introduced a golden brooch for you. This type of brooch is designed  for evening dresses and suits. The shape of the brooch looks like a  cross, which  makes the brooch suitable for formal occasions. The shining brooch on  the collar animates the suit. In daily life, we can also wear brooches.  For the clothes of one color, we can wear floral brooches. If the clothes are colorful, it is better for us to wear black  brooches. Brooches can be used to decorate different clothes in all  seasons. As to winter clothes, we should choose metal brooches or  brooches with jewelry, because such brooches are in conformity with the  thick clothes. In addition, if there are decorations, such as sequins,  beads and bows on the collar of the clothes, we should not use brooches which will make the clothes complicated.Louis Vuitton Necklace

The  length, color and design are important factors that have great impact on  fashio

nable dressing. This type of Louis Vuitton necklace is made for  ladies to attend grand parties. The golden color and the heart shape  design look especially outstanding in the spotlight. Sometimes, we will  wear the suit which makes our necks exposed outside. Therefore, huge  and glossy necklaces can make up the smoothness that the suit lacks.  Necklace of white and black stripes fits black or white clothes as it  covers the dressing with a mysterious veil.Gucci BraceletGucci  has made a platinum bracelet for young ladies. The color shines and the  lines are sleek. No matter in the daytime or at night, this bracelet has  its unique gloss. Furthermore, green  jade bracelet shows its magic perfectly at night, so we can usually  find it on formal dinner parties. A black evening dressing with a  shining bracelet makes you outstanding in the party. The dazzle of green  jade makes people feel uncomfortable in the sun. Therefore, it is  better to wear bracelets of blue jewelry on outdoor occasions during the  day.The  magic of those branded jewelry is overwhelming. Fashionable clothes are  important, and branded jewelry can add lustre to fashion. We can make  ourselves more attractive by wearing branded jewelry.For more exciting updates in regards to this topic, please adhere to the author’s social profile watchesfake and feel free to leave your comment.


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